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Oxoid Ltd. archived news list

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Suretect listeria monocytogenes assay gets aoac ri
Aoac ri granted for the suretect salmonella species assay
Choose spectra mrsa for a fast accurate surveillance tool
Thermo scientific sensititre system expands antimicrobial offering
For accurate air sampling results use thermo scientific remel media
Streamline workflow reduce costs for streptococcus spp testing
Expect rapid reliable performance from xpect flu kits
Thermo scientific products offer fast reliable mycobacteria testing
Sensititre yeastone more antifungal options lower cost per test
Rapid accurate identification of over 400 organisms in just four hours
New molecular technology helps manage mastitis in dairy cattle
Use thermo scientific microbiology media for fast salmonella detection
Faster strep grouping no incubation with thermo scientific pathodxtra
Effective screening for resistant e coli in 24 hours
Quick convenient media preparation with thermo scientific oxoid dry bags
Young scientist receives recognition for studies on antibiotic synergy
New bax system real time stec assay suite now available alongside the oxoid range
Staph plus latex kits in stock ready and waiting to deliver
Thermo fisher scientific launches faster strep grouping solution
Thermo fisher scientific introduces medium for faster screening of cre including ndm 1
Thermo fisher scientific collaboration helps understand toxicity of the new e coli strain
Thermo fisher scientific increases production of screening solutions in response to e coli crisis in europe
Oxoid quanti cult plus qc microorganisms now include mean counts on certification in pack
Thermo fisher scientific expands oxoid m i c evaluator range to include tigecycline
Complete range of qc strains for new eucast harmonized disc diffusion method
Video shows oxoid dry bags make light work of bulk media preparation
New improved brilliance mrsa 2 agar for results in just 18 hours
Same day results for environmental listeria
Biochemical identification systems allow rapid and easy identification of clinically significant micro organisms
Oxoid animal free media fill broth now in ready to use bags
Oxoid offers next day listeria results with bax listeria 24e assays
Oxoid brilliance bacillus cereus agar improves detection in food
Oxoid provides simple remel rapid range of identification panels for food labs
Oxoid culture journal focuses on cronobacter and mycobacterium bovis
Oxoid brilliance staph 24 agar identifies staphylococci in foods within 24 hours
Test for detection of c difficile infection in just 20 minutes
Oxoid range ready for new harmonized eucast european disc diffusion method
Oxoid improves h pylori tests
Brilliance campycount agar launched at iafp europe
New oxoid media allow quick easy identification of cronobacter species
Oxoid tests allow rapid diagnosis of gastroenteritis
New brilliance esbl agar and brilliance vre agar provide results in 24 hours
Oxoid rapid new tests that enable swifter diagnosis and infection control
Oxoid brilliance mrsa agar is ideal for mrsa screening
Elisa systems food allergen test kits now available alongside oxoid range
Oxoid offers rapid kits for faster and simpler microbial identifications
Oxoid extends range of iso compliant culture media for food and environmental testing
Oxoid animal free media fill broth now available in convenient ready to use bags
Oxoid brilliance e coli coliform selective agar allows e coli confirmation directly on plate
Oxoid ideia kit allows rapid diagnosis of norovirus
Laboratories encouraged to equip themselves for the winter flu season
Oxoid kits for detection of staph exotoxins toxic shock syndrome update
Oxoid dry bags make media preparation fast and easy
Oxoid salmonella precis rapid culture method results up to three days faster
Oxoid and remel culture media range complying with mlt from ph eur usp and jp
M i c evaluators m i c e simple convenient method for accurate mic values
Oxoid extends range for identification of staphylococcal species
New oxoid ideia viral gastroenteritis panel detects norovirus in 2 hours
Oxoid qc micro organisms receive stamp of approval from atcc
Oxoid launches new imagen test for hmpv a cause of acute respiratory disease
Oxoid launches new rapid culture method for salmonella in food
Oxoid extends range for identification of medically important yeasts
Oxoid launch new bax system assay for detection of staphylococcus aureus
New oxoid test for rapid differentiation of campylobacter species
Oxoid launches robust new automatic air sampler
Wellcolex colour latex tests added to oxoid range
New vitamin rich peptone from oxoid improves microbial growth
Oxoid launches new product range for antimicrobial susceptibility testing
Oxoid extends range to include bactidrop stains and reagents
Convenient and reliable qc organisms for the pharmaceutical industry
Oxoid introduces new inhibigen technology for improved recovery of target organisms
Oxoid launches cold filterable tryptone soya broth in bioprocess containers for aseptic process simulations
New bax assay allows fast and accurate identification of campylobacter species
Rapid test for clostridium difficile associated disease cdad now available through oxoid
Oxoid anaerogen compact system improved
New oxoid clarity agar improves differentiation of uti pathogens
New selective culture medium for the improved detection of salmonella species
New design for oxoid contact plates
Extensive range for growth and identification of anaerobes
Rapid identification of salmonella and other food borne micro organisms
Extensive range for enteric pathogens available from oxoid
Oxoid offers convenient tests for confirmation of syphilis
New oxoid chromogenic listeria agar meets iso recommendations
Sabouraud media protect pharmaceutical production processes against yeast and mould
Oxoid extends range of rapid tests for salmonella
Oxoids atmosphere generation system promotes optimum anaerobic growth
Rapid detection of bleeding and clotting disorders
Detecting mrsa in the veterinary setting
New bax system yeast and mould assay helps ensure good taste
New square antibiotic disc dispenser now available from oxoid
Oxoid extend range for environmental monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry
Scarlet fever oxoid products for growth and id of beta haemolytic streptococci
Oxoid tests help uk community health professionals meet government objectives
Afnor approved listeria testing in foods
Agglutinating sera available from oxoid
Rapid detection of ca mrsa an emerging cause of necrotising faciitus
Pharmaceutical microbiology oxoid are the experts
Oxoid announces the new bax system q7 for pathogen detection in the food industry
New oxoid dry bags simplify media preparation for food microbiology labs
Rapid diagnosis of infections linked to heart attacks
New oxoid chromogenic medium improves screening for mrsa
Improved identification of listeria spp
Quality control organisms for water testing
Oxoid extends range for detecting mrsa with staphaurex plus
Rapid flu test helps target avian flu
Oxoid wins top manufacturing award for logistics and supply chain management
New selective medium for improved detection of salmonella species
Oxoid microbact system receives cmmas approval for identification of salmonella and e coli
Wide range of virology products now available from oxoid
Oxoid offers new test for clostridium difficile toxins a and b
A complete range for the detection of listeria
New veterinary ast discs from oxoid
Oxoid prepared media small volume bottles now easier to use
Oxoid extends range for urinary tract infections
Afnor approves oxoid salmonella rapid test
Ensuring the microbiological quality of clean rooms
Rapid meningitis tests provide fast answers in emergency situations
Cmmas approval for oxoid listeria identification system
New rapid candida test helps direct treatment
Oxoid chromogenic media provide speed and accuracy for clinical laboratories
Oxoid syphilis tests to ease microbiology laboratory workload
Oxoid extends range of rapid identification tests
New animal free peptone designed for pharmaceutical fermentation processes
Fast and accurate detection of bacteria in foods with oxoid chromogenic media
Parasitology products available from oxoid
Oxoid introduces new medium for detection of vibrio cholerae and other vibrio sp in clinical samples
Ensuring salmonella free products with the bax system
New animal free culture medium for media fill trials
Oxoid introduces new medium for vibrio cholerae and other vibrio species
Oxoids anaerogen system aids pioneering research at the eastman dental institute
New oxoid medium speeds up listeria enrichment
Oxoid h pylori test aids in rapid diagnosis of gastrointestinal disorders
Oxoid test helps in battle against mrsa
Everything you need for campylobacter
Obis test for salmonella differentiation from selective media
New oxoid medium enhances mrsa screening
Oxoid products detect and confirm antibiotic resistant organisms
Anaerobic storage of water testing plates for the enumeration of clostridium spp to meet new uk guidelines
Bax receives worldwide approval for the detection of food borne pathogens
New oxoid medium for catabolism studies
Technical note pinpointing sources of contamination in the pharmaceutical processing environment
New medium for pharmaceutical media fill trials
New strep grouping kit improves detection of vancomycin resistant group d organisms
Rapid test from oxoid helps in diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis
Improved identification of life threatening candida infections
New riboprinter software allows compliance with 21 cfr part 11 for electronic record security
New w zip pouches for oxoid compact atmosphere generation kits
Afnor stamp of approval for listeria rapid test
New broth medium for safer cultivation of fastidious organisms
Improved differentiation and enumeration of e coli and other coliforms in drinking water
Faster detection of enterobacter sakazakii in infant formula
Diagnostic reagents enhance laboratory safety
New chromogenic bacillus cereus agar more sensitive than traditional media
Bacterial toxin detection cholera
Oxoid expands range of rapid diagnostic tests
Oxoid wins fda approval
Oxoid tests help labs to diagnose increasing incidence of syphilis
Oxoid expands range of food testing kits
New oxoid microbact manual identification systems
Latest legionnaires outbreak highlights role of rapid tests
Isolator improves culture of animal blood and other fluids
Opportunity to try new rapid e coli o157 direct serum test
Oxoid further extends prepared media range with new oxoid tubes
Ensuring clean surfaces in hospitals
Dupont qualicon bax system adopted by usda food safety and inspection service to detect salmonella in ready to eat foods
New formulation oxoid campygen allows faster diagnosis of campylobacter food poisoning
New test to detect enterobacter sakazakii in infant formulas dry dairy and soy ingredients
Clear diagnosis of urinary tract infections
Simple rapid food test from oxoid to combat rise in listeriosis
Salmonella isolation from food and animal feed
New oxoid medium improves isolation of listeria monocytogenes
New rapid listeria test provides peace of mind in food testing laboratories
Enhanced identification of lactose fermenting organisms
Safer liquid cyclohexamide supplements for breweries
Safer enhanced recovery of legionella species
New oxoid e coli medium improves food hygiene testing
New oxoid medium enhances the identification of pseudomonas aeruginosa
Automated salmonella e coli o157 h7 and listeria screening in less than 4 hours
Genetic fingerprints of any bacterium in less than 8 hours
Automated system to detect e coli o157 h7 in meat and poultry products
Animal free gmo free vegetable peptones for pharmaceutical processes
New rapid test detects non o157 e coli vtec serogroups
Microbiological testing of beer and its raw materials
Improved detection of clostridium perfringens in water samples
Oxoids orsab shows advantages in mrsa detection
Successful european evaluation for staphylococci test kits makes food testing easier
New modified butzler selective supplement from oxoid meets iso standards and is cycloheximide free
Improved detection of spoilage yeasts and moulds in beer
Oxoid introduces fully automated microbial identification system
Rapid detection and enumeration of aflatoxin producing moulds in food
Sterile medium for validation of mfts and aseptic media filling procedures
Rapid test for mrsa and mrcons receives fda approval
New from oxoid a media for rapid visual identification of mrsa

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