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New Thermo Scientific IDEIA Viral Gastroenteritis Panel Detects Norovirus in 2 Hours

Case of Viral Gastroenteritis Thermo Scientific has launched the IDEIA range of products for the rapid diagnosis of viral gastroenteritis.

These rapid enzyme immunoassays can be used to detect the four leading causes of viral gastroenteritis: Norovirus, Rotavirus, Astrovirus and Adenovirus, in human stool samples.

There has recently been an increase in norovirus activity throughout Europe [1,2] making the rapid detection of this virus of particular concern. Timely identification of the etiological agent combined with appropriate infection control procedures can help to reduce the impact of norovirus outbreaks on the institution involved [3]. IDEIA Norovirus allows norovirus to be detected in stool samples within just 2 hours.

Barbara Fallowfield, marketing manager, Thermo Scientific (Ely) commented, "The sooner the cause of gastroenteritis outbreaks can be detected, the sooner infection control procedures can be put in place to stop the spread of disease and limit the damage. IDEIA Norovirus provides rapid and reliable results that are of enormous value to those involved in the investigation and prevention of norovirus outbreaks, including microbiology laboratories, infection control teams, surveillance teams and cruise ship operators.

Each IDEIA viral gastroenteritis kit follows the same standardised protocol and is suitable for manual or automated testing. The assays are quick and easy to perform, either individually or in a panel using a single sample dilution. Sensitive and specific results are read photometrically in less than 2 hours.

For further information about the IDEIA Viral Gastroenteritis Panel (IDEIA Norovirus, IDEIA Rotavirus, IDEIA Astrovirus (Amplified) or IDEIA Adenovirus), please speak to your local Thermo Scientific representative or contact Thermo Scientific using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on January 17, 2008