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Microbiology News: Assay Development

The Emergence of Lateral Flow Assays in Diagnostics

17 May 2023 | Assay Development

Sartorius Lateral Flow Assays
'LFAs have become a powerful tool that provides rapid and reliable results for a variety of applications, discover from Hasret Altan-Martin, Sartorius how their technology platform Unisart StructSure® membrane can enable multiplexing and lead to a multiparameter lateral flow strip. more...
DYNEX and Tecan ELISAs
By joining forces, DYNEX Technologies and Tecan bring together cutting-edge immunoassay science and dependable ELISA microplate technology to form a cooperative alliance paving the way for developing cutting-edge diagnostic solutions designed especially for the contemporary healthcare community. more...
Antigen-based Assays
ZeptoMetrix® PROtrol™ is a new line of products designed for antigen-based diagnostic methods for infectious diseases, including lateral flow immunoassays. more...

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