Microbiology Test Method Guides

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Air Samplers for Microbiological Monitoring of Air Quality

Air Sampling Methods for microbiology - impaction, impinger, real-time, compressed air sampling

Alicyclobacillus Testing in Fruit Juices (Microbial spoilage)

Alicyclobacillus bacteria are heat resistant spore formers that cause microbial spoilage in fruit juices, they are difficult to detect as they do not produce gas - review of Alicyclobaillus testing methods with suppliers

Allergen Test Kits for Foods and Food Processing Areas

Screen for allergens in food processing - gluten, protein test strips, ELISA test kits for allergens in food industry

Anaerobic and Microaerophilic - Systems for Creating Modified Atmospheres

Kits for creating anaerobic and microaerophilic atmospheres for the growth of fastidious microorganisms - includes anaerobic cabinets and small test kit jars.

Antimicrobial Sensitivity Test (AST) and Resistance (AMR) Markers - How to Find the MIC

What is Minimum Inhibitory Concentration MIC, what antibiotic sensitivity kits are available for AST Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing

ATP Hygiene Monitoring

Surface contamination testing using ATP cleaning verification

Autoclaves - How to Choose a Laboratory Autoclave

How to choose a laboratory autoclave or sterilizer, this review details what factors to consider when buying a new lab autoclave.

Automated Laboratory Media Preparation

How to automate microbiology media preparation

Automated Microbiology Systems: Building a Business Case

Microbiology has always been very traditional and very labour intensive with the view that automation was for other disciplines but not suited for microbiology. Over the last few years, however, new and improved automated technologies have provided solutions to the challenges facing today's microbiology lab. The first stand-alone automation

Automating the Food Microbiology Lab

How to make your food microbiology laboratory more automated, improve workflow and get better more consistent micro results