Microbiology Test Method Guides

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Rapid Detection of Yeasts and Moulds in Food

Review of rapid methods for detection of yeast and moulds in food and beverages. Manual and automated rapid detection methods have the potential to provide significant time and cost savings for some laboratories , reduce human error and free up skilled staff.

Rapid Methods for Total Viable Counts in Food and Beverages

Review of range of rapid microbiology methods available for total viable counts or TVC which are limited, but several existing technologies have the potential to cut labour costs and reduce time to result.

Rapid Microbiological Methods for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Overview of rapid microbiology methods (RMM) for pharmaceutical microbiology laboratories with supplier details and description of novel approaches.

Rapid Microbiological Testing of Filterable Products

Best way to filter products for microbiological investigation

Ready-to-use and Ready to Rehydrate Microbiology Culture Media

Find suppliers of ready to use plates and ready to rehydrate plates and enrichment broths.

Respiratory Viruses Rapid Detection

Rapid methods for the detection of respiratory viruses are based either on immunological, or on molecular techniques.

Salmonella Detection and Identification Methods for Food Processors

Kits for Salmonella detection in foods - chromogenic media, PCR, immunoassay

Sampling and Testing Sterile Products

Key Points Microbiological testing of sterile products in the pharmaceutical industry remains a regulatory requirement, despite the limitations of sterility tests. “Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.” Sampling of sterile products must be representative and must not allow any opportunities for accidental contamination and false

Stock Culture Maintenance and Storage

Review of how to effectively maintain microbiological stock cultures, cryogenic storage media in tubes avoid repeated subculturing.

Swabs - Capture, Maintain and Release!

How to select the right type of swab for your application