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Microbiology Test Method Guides

Please choose a test method guide either by organism or generic test type:

Helicobacter pylori Detection in Clinical Specimens

Non-invasive methods offer significant cost savings over invasive endoscopy with new rapid methods that include stool and breath tests which give high sensitivity and specificity

Home and Beauty Products - Rapid Micro Methods

Rapid microbiological methods for personal care, home and beauty products

How to Choose a Microbiology Laboratory Pipette

Factors to consider when purchasing mechanical or electronic pipettes for liquid handling for microbiological applications.

Lateral Flow Immunoassays

Strip Based Immunoassays Key Points Simple to use Results can be available within 15 minutes Low cost with no requirement for additional equipment Stable and robust in storage  While rapid methods have made a major impact on microbiological testing over the last twenty years or so, only a handful of developments

Legionella in Water: Detection and Identification Methods

Test kits for detection of Legionella in water and clinical specimens.

Listeria Detection and Identification Methods in Foods

How do I Detect Listeria in Foods and Environmental Samples?

MALDI-TOF MS Rapid Identification for Food Microbiology

Discusses the advantages of MALDI-TOF use in Food Microbiology and provides a list of instrument suppliers and contract laboratories.

Media Fill Trials for Aseptic Production

Microbiological media specifically designed for Media Fill Trials are available, ingredients are from non-animal origin, irradiated making them suitable for introduction into compounding areas.

Microbial Identification and Strain Typing Using Molecular Techniques

How to identify and strain type microbial isolates with list of instrument providers and contract service test labs including cGMP

Molecular Testing of Food Pathogens

A review of molecular based kits such as PCR, for routine detection of food pathogens