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Achieve More Consistency and Reliability in Your BET Results

Traditional endotoxin testing has long had pain points including analyst subjectivity, extensive training requirements, and the potential for data integrity violations. An invalid test can result in lengthy investigations, costly retests, and the

Read Hygiene Insider Today!

The newest issue of Neogen’s Insider Magazine is out! This time focusing on hygiene, a crucial element for any organisation in the food industry. Take a look at the science behind ATP hygiene monitoring systems and find out why Neogen’s

Color-coded MC-Media Pads for Convenient Microbial Testing

Why stick to traditional media plates if there is an alternative which can improve your workflow, while providing accurate and reliable results? Our new MC Media pads for microbial testing are small to save you space in storage and in the

What's on Show at IAFP 2018

Browse new and existing products for food microbiology on show at IAFP 2018. Includes: Fully automated TVC pour plates New B. cereus chromogenic agar, Next day Listeria from swabs, Track and identify Listeria strains from enrichment

Look Closer! Data Integrity Webinar Archive

QC professionals know that data integrity and its practical maintenance are crucial for the quality of products and safety of patients. But how does it apply to endotoxin testing? Our webinar archive, “The Importance of Data Integrity for

Our Flock is Different

What makes Puritan® standout from the rest? It’s our unique, multi-length flock fiber technology that sets our HydraFlock® and PurFlock Ultra® apart from the rest. The ultra-effective collection and elution properties of our flock will make

4th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit – Annapolis, MD, USA

12 – 14 June 2018 Lonza invites you to attend the 4th Endotoxin Testing Summit 2018, a vivid platform to: - Network with QC directors, lab managers, key opinion leaders, users and regulators - Gain insight into hot topics, such as

Simplify Your Listeria Workflow

Neogen’s range of validated rapid and conventional testing solutions can simplify the Listeria workflow of your microbiological testing laboratory. Choose From: - Rapid plating method offering greater sensitivity than ISO 11290-1: One Broth

When Finding Nothing Means Everything

When it comes to patient safety, should close enough ever be good enough? In an industry that relies on cutting edge technology to stay compliant, a subjective, visual final sterility confirmation is no longer acceptable. Celsis® rapid microbial

Introducing the APAS Independence by Clever Culture Systems

Using intelligent imaging, the APAS Independence can consistently screen and sort 200 plates per hour and quickly remove negative plates out of the workflow. The innovative triage system uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms built on

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