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New CHEMUNEX® D-Count ® Instruments for Cosmetics

Rapid Microbial Method news releasebioMérieux introduces the third generation of CHEMUNEX® D-Count® instruments with novel applications in cosmetic testing.NEW instruments, faster, more flexible throughput, with a decreased footprint.NEW software that guides you step by step, with new functionalities and available in several languages.NEW standard protocol with ISO 17516 compliance

Along the Entire Dairy Value Chain, From Farm to Fork to Folks

ALONG THE ENTIRE DAIRY VALUE CHAIN, FROM FARM TO FORK TO FOLKSImprove your milk yields and quality Through effective mastitis managementIncrease your manufacturing and supply chain productivity Through the ultra-rapid microbiology testing solution allowing dramatic reductions of UHT, yogurts and dairy products QC quarantine timesEnsure your microbial product safety and brand protection

Speed up your Sample Transfers with Integra

INTEGRA offers the most cost effective, intuitive, handheld pipettes for automated fluid transfer between differing labware formats: VOYAGER 4 channel, 6 channel, 8 channel and 12 channel adjustable spacing pipettes. The VOYAGER is the first motorized, handheld pipette offering adjustable tip spacing enabling significant productivity gains in applications including plate reformatting, gel loading, handling Terasaki plates,

Accugenix® Delivers Precise, Robust Identification

 At Charles River, we know that the safety of your manufacturing environment depends on a clear picture of your microbial identification risk.Our solution? Accugenix®.A powerful combination of the industry’s most relevant reference libraries, accurate identification methods, and sophisticated tracking and trending tools, Accugenix® delivers the precise, robust data

Lonza QC Insider™ Toolbox

QC Insider™ Toolbox Endotoxin Expertise at Your Fingertips™The new QC Insider™ Toolbox puts support right at your fingertips – support you and your team can access any time and from anywhere in the world.QC Insider™ Support – One-on-one guidance, software support, and more from our QC experts QC Insider™ Training – Self-directed training

bioMérieux at IAFP 2015

Join bioMérieux at IAFP 2015 in Portland, Oregon July 25 - 28th bioMérieux Booth #345bioMérieux will showcase the Updated Food Microbiology Pathway for IAFP 2015 attendees. Featured in the bioMérieux booth will beThe BlueLine® BarMolecular Detection System CeeramTools®LabGuard 3D® for environmental monitoringand the 10th anniversary of TEMPO®!Pre-register for your

Flexible Microbial Air Sampling for Isolators and Cleanrooms

 Your isolator, your cleanroom, your settings: Flexible microbial air sampling with the NEW MAS-100 Iso MH®The NEW MAS-100 Iso MH® Microbial Air Sampler increases your flexibility in microbial air sampling: Sample up to 4 points with a distance of up to 10 meters between each point and the pump. Your benefit: increased

Puritan Environmental Sampling Kits for Food Safety

Puritan’s EnviroMax®/EnviroMax Plus® and ESK® Environmental Sampling Kits— working with you to keep the food supply safe.Our environmental sampling swabs are right for any surface where harmful contaminants may be lurking in production, manufacturing, and food packaging facilities.ESK sampling kits are offered in four pre-fill media options letting

Charles River Endosafe® Endotoxin Testing Solutions

Your products. Our passion. When it comes to endotoxin testing, you need precision and speed. Our revolutionary FDA-licensed LAL cartridge technology has made accurate 15-minute endotoxin testing a reality for labs around the world. From our handheld, point-of-sample-collection PTS™ system to our high-throughput, fully automated Nexus™ instrument, our Endosafe® innovations continue to

Interscience Scan® 4000

Unbeatable image quality for your analyses with Scan® 4000Get HD colour images of your colonies and inhibition zones on 100% of your dish with the new Scan® 4000 automatic colony counter and inhibition zone reader.Ultra-high resolution cameraExclusive White LED dome: reflection and shadow free imagesLargest reading range on the market: round and square

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