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INTEGRA Biosciences EVOLVE Manual Pipette Kit - Set Volumes 10x Faster

Unlike traditional pipettes, the EVOLVE features three easily adjustable Quick Set Dials that allow you to set volumes more than 10 times faster than with standard manual pipettes, and prevent inadvertent volume drift due to plunger movements while pipetting. Ultra-lightweight and well balanced, the EVOLVE provides unsurpassed ergonomics, even during prolonged pipetting

The Next Regulatory Update for rFC Methods. . .

Recombinant endotoxin detection technologies, like the PyroGene™ recombinant Factor C method, are quickly gaining consideration and approval as a compendial endotoxin test method, equivalent to LAL-based methods by several global regulatory authorities. Now is the time to start validating a recombinant, sustainable endotoxin test method for your QC lab. Learn more

Rapid Microbiological Methods for ATMPs/Gene and Cell Therapies

Biotherapeutics present some difficult problems to the QC testing laboratory owing to their short shelf life, small production quantities and the fact they are tailored to the individual patient.  The normal compendial testing approach is therefore not very practical.

Trust Neogen to be Your Culture Media Partner

You can have confidence in our culture media products, plus the ongoing support and services we offer. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you every step of the way. With dual manufacturing sites, a wide variety of traditional and convenience product formats and over 35 years experience across our expert team,

Reaching a New Benchmark in Environmental Monitoring TSA LTHThio ICR/ICR+

Our culture media for environmental monitoring in cleanrooms, isolators, and RABS are designed to meet ISO 14698 requirements. The new media formulation TSA with LTHThio (Lecithin, Polysorbate 80, Histidine, and Sodium thiosulfate) provides the following novel and unique features: 12 months shelf-life (room temperature storage) Add-ons to the Certificate of Analysis Verification of anaerobic growth

Where Automation Meets Gold Standard-level1 AST Accuracy

Scale your AST program while obtaining the accurate MIC values needed to guide targeted patient therapy with the combination of gold standard-level microbroth dilution and automated processing power of the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ ARIS HiQ™ System. Simple operation -- convenient touchscreen and 24/7 access to critical test

Taking 2020 Banner Bookings Now!

Don't miss out! Make sure you have the dates you want fro 2020, see our special focus planner on page 8 of our media kit.

Identifying the Microbiome - a rapidmicrobiology special focus

Browse through our selected highlights of products and service providers that will help you identify the whole microbiome in your samples; highlights include: Dr. Fiona Crispie from APC Microbiome Ireland, gives us some great easy-to-understand explanations of the difference between 16S sequencing, shotgun metagenomics, whole-genome sequencing, and transcriptomics we find out from

Highlights of PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Show 2019

Browse the latest products that were on show at PDA Microbiology 2019. See solutions to endotoxin and pyrogen testing, growth promotion testing, data integrity for EM data, Mycoplasma testing for ATMPs, and more.....

Results in Less Than 60 Minutes with Listeria Right Now

Neogen’s Listeria Right Now™ environmental monitoring tool is a rapid, easy to use test for the detection of Listeria spp. Results in less than 60 mins, with no enrichment, required means that no enriched pathogens are present onsite. The test is also destructive which limits the risk of any cross-contamination