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Bioperfectus Monkeypox Virus Diagnostic Solution

With increasing confirmed monkeypox cases, more people, countries, and regions are at risk of infection. Bioperfectus provides FIVE kits for humans with a CE certificate and ONE kit for veterinary use, presenting a rapid response to help diagnose monkeypox infection as early as possible. Suitable for application in various scenarios,

MWE Fecal Transwab® Proven to Work on PCR Systems

Rectal swabbing with the Fecal Transwab® is as effective as the direct collection of stool samples. MWE Fecal Transwab® Features small instrument-ready tubes - saving space and making sample transportation easy Enables rectal sampling, with benefits, particularly in paediatric patients. Simplifies and standardises stool sample collection, transport, and processing Helps

Meet Sino Biological Antibody Pairs Detecting Monkeypox Virus A29

Sino Biological has developed 3 matched antibody pairs of Monkeypox Virus A29 with high sensitivity to support monkeypox virus antigen detection. In addition, Sino Biological also has launched a collection of monkeypox virus related antigens and antibodies to support its research.

Test for COVID or Seasonal Illness with Puritan® UniTranz-RT®

Is it flu, or is it COVID? Find out with Puritan® UniTranz-RT® for the collection, preservation, and transport of viral specimens. Each kit comes with a 1mL or 2mL vial of universal transport medium and your choice from a variety of swab styles and sizes - including our patented PurFlock

Bioperfectus Real-Time PCR Solutions Included in FDA Listing for IVD Testing

The Bioperfectus STC-96 A and STC-96A Plus Real-Time PCR systems are a more flexible than ever, efficient and reliable solution to real-time PCR analysis of gene expression and genetic variation. You now can apply TWO different PCR assays on just one instrument with separate-controlled programs. Innovative dual 48/48 reaction blocks can be

Ensure Your MDx Results are Dependable with IVD Controls 

Patients trust you for accurate diagnostic results. You need QC materials you can trust to ensure your molecular diagnostic assays and instruments are getting it right test after test. Getting it right means QC materials labeled for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use. Microbiologics is a leader in IVD controls for molecular diagnostics,

Recombinant Omicron BA.5, BA.4 Antigens

Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 sub-lineages are increasing in many countries. They are more contagious versions of the virus compared to previous Omicron variants. Sino Biological has developed a panel of recombinant RBD/Spike and nucleocapsid protein variants which can be used to evaluate the efficacy of the antibodies and vaccination. 

A Collection of Tools for Influenza Vaccine Development

Sino Biological offers recombinant flu antigen products under its ProVir™ viral antigen collection. The product line covers HA, NA, and NP proteins, from all WHO-recommended vaccine strains in recent years. These antigens can be used to analyze vaccine-induced antibody response. In addition, Sino Biological also develops a large collection of monoclonal

Find Contamination in Cell-containing Samples in as Little as 3 Days.

The Celsis Adapt™ sample concentration system expands the utility of the Celsis® rapid contamination detection platform to include the testing of cell-containing samples, including cell therapies and in-process cell culture samples. Detection speed is critical to overcome the potential safety risks of using traditional methods. However, when it comes to

Detect Microbial Contamination in Parenteral Solutions and Active Pharmaceuticals

SLP-HS Single Reagent Set II to quantitate PG and (1-3)-β-D-glucan constitutes a highly sensitive and broadband method for the detection of microbial contamination. The SLP-HS Reagent Set utilizes the hemolymph of the silkworm Bombyx mori, which contains a self-defense mechanism termed the “prophenoloxidase (proPO) activating system”