Food safety testing with food microbiology controls from NSI by Zeptometrix

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Puritan® DNA-free and DNA-Controlled Specimen Collection

A prerequisite for any gene therapy procedure is to first have adequate and accurate DNA samples. Puritan’s line of DNA-free, DNA-Controlled collection devices are available in many tip and handle styles and with a choice of tip fibers, including: Foam Patented PurFlock Ultra® flock   Cotton Choose

Endosafe® Trillium™ rCR Cartridges Are Here

Fast, flexible, and animal-free, our Endosafe® Trillium™ rCR formulation is now fused into our flagship cartridge technology, providing robust BET results in 15 minutes. Compatible with your existing Endosafe instruments and software, leveling up your endotoxin program has never been easier.

It’s Here: A Sterility Testing Pump for the Modern Lab

Our new Sterisart® Universal Pump is designed to meet all your quality and safety requirements for sterility testing in the modern laboratory. Use it in laminar airflow cabinets, RABS and sterility test isolators to reliably transfer samples and media into canisters. Key benefits: Improved Connectivity and Compliance: The Sterisart® Universal

Elevate Your Confidence in Food Safety With Innovative Controls for 10K CFU Quantitative Reference Cultures

Spex and NSI offer the broadest selection of microbiological-certified reference cultures so you can ensure the accuracy of your results. Their innovative controls are made for a diverse range of analytical techniques, and they are committed to providing customers with the highest quality of product, delivery, and service. Product Highlights: Use to

Tackling a Pertussis Outbreak with BioPerfectus PCR Solution

Urgent alert from the Philippines' Department of Health (DOH): Pertussis Outbreak.  Between Jan. 1 and March 30, DOH recorded a staggering 1,112 cases—a 34-fold increase from last year—with 54 tragic deaths among children.  BioPerfectus introduces the Allfastra Respiratory Bacteria Panel (7) Real-Time PCR Kit, which efficiently identifies Pertussis (caused by bordetella

MediaBag™, Ready-to-use Agar-based Media

What if we replace agar media glass bottles with a plastic shell? We have the answer! Newlab’s MediaBag™ combines the ease of use of bottled media with many additional advantages. Lighter weight, reducing shipment costs. Smaller and squeezable format, optimizing storage space and reducing waste. Quick and safe processing

Reduce Your Time to Result, by up to 75%

The Milliflex® Rapid System uses proven, state-of-the-art technologies to substantially speed up your sterility and bioburden testing: Membrane filtration ATP Bioluminescence Image Analysis for enumeration of organisms With its advanced features and rapid detection capabilities, this innovative solution delivers results in just 48-72 hours, even for slow-growing organisms. Backed by reliable

Improve Your Environmental Monitoring With The NEW Redipor® Beta Bag

The Redipor Beta Bag ensures the safe and convenient transfer of Redipor gamma-irradiated prepared media into your sterile workspace. It eliminates the time-consuming decontamination stage and enables continuous manufacturing, all while lowering risk and reducing cost. This makes work quicker and easier, increasing your efficiency and capacity. Compatible with the Getinge La

QC Standards, Controls, CRM and Proficiency Testing Schemes a rapidmicrobiology Special Focus

Positive and Negative Controls  Certified Reference Materials Growth Promotion Testing  Proficiency Testing Schemes 

Puritan® Custom Manufacturing — Tailored for YOU!

Imagine the possibilities—a specialty swab tailored for your precise application, or a custom liquid media fill designed for a specialized laboratory use. These are just glimpses of what we could co-create together. With our adept teams and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re fully equipped to help you develop and launch