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RMM for Water Testing - a rapidmicrobiology special focus

In this rapidmicrobiology special focus, we explore options to automate and improve sensitivity in water testing, covering applications from WFI, wastewater and bioburden, to E.coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas plus SARS in wastewater, and coliphage enumeration.

rapidmicrobiology - Marketing Solution for Global Microbiology Brands

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Automation Including Liquid Handling for Microbiology Labs

The advantages of automating areas of the microbiology laboratory include increased accuracy, improved efficiency, reduced turnaround time, and decreased risk of contamination.  In this rapidmicrobiology special focus, we explore solutions from improved liquid handling using electronic pipettes to fully automated instrumentation plus many options to automate specific tests such as

PhenoMATRIX® PLUS: Plate Auto Release by Your Rules

Powered by the unmatched digital imaging capabilities of WASPLab®, the PhenoMATRIX® suite of algorithms uses AI in combination with your lab custom rules and LIS data to automatically read, interpret, and segregate your culture plates, suggesting a follow-up for each plate that just needs to be validated with a simple

Announcing the Arrival of Endosafe® Trillium®

Endosafe® Trillium® is a recombinant cascade reagent (rCR) and is the newest animal-free solution for bacterial endotoxin testing. Maintain confidence and patient safety while driving sustainability efforts.

Sterisart® Septum: 100 Stabs, One Unbreakable Barrier

The Sterisart® septum port is meticulously designed to enable safe sampling for microbial identification in the event of a sterility test failure, for subculturing in the event of a negative product interaction, or for paired use with a rapid detection method. This report demonstrates that even when the Sterisart® canister

Validated RSV Pre-F Trimer Protein

Sino Biological has developed a stable pre-fusion protein with a 90% trimerization ratio validated by SEC-MALS, which can support the development of RSV vaccines. The product highlights also include high lot-to-lot consistency, stable CHO expression, and gram-scale supply in a single batch.

Reach the Highest Confidence in Your GI Testing

ZeptoMetrix NATtrol is the most trusted brand in third-party molecular diagnostic QC for GI controls and panels, including Adenovirus, E. coli, Norovirus, Rotavirus, C. diff, and others. Utilizing NATtrol controls on a consistent basis helps monitor test performance and provides increased confidence in the quality and reliability of your clinical laboratory operations.

BioPerfectus Dengue Kits: Effective Tools to Combat the Epidemic in South East Asia 

With dengue cases surging in Southeast Asia, including Bangladesh and Malaysia, BioPerfectus dengue test kits (RDT & PCR) could help to control outbreaks and ensure timely medical care. Notably, the BioPerfectus Dengue (NS1 Ag+IgG/IgM) DUO Rapid Test Kit detects NS1 antigen and IgG/IgM antibodies simultaneously, which empowers comprehensive disease surveillance

Copan UriSponge™: Advanced Device for Urine Collection and Preservation

UriSponge™ is Copan’s device for urine collection and preservation, featuring a sponge that rapidly absorbs the correct amount of urine and streamlines sample processing, whether manual or automated. Safe - UriSponge™’s preservative formula is free of boric acid for increased sustainability and trouble-free shipment. Performing -