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Complete Range of QC Strains for New EUCAST Harmonized Disc Diffusion Method

Culti-Loops range of QC organisms for EUCAST AST
Thermo Fisher Scientific have announced that all of the quality control strains recommended in the new EUCAST (European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing) harmonized disc diffusion method for antimicrobial susceptibility testing are available as Thermo Scientific Culti-Loops.

The Culti-Loops™ range of quality control organisms, which includes all EUCAST-recommended strains, are disposable bacteriological loops containing stabilized, viable microorganisms, supplied in packs of five. Each loop is individually foil-wrapped and ready-to-use, designed for quick, easy and safe preparation of standardised cultures.
The Thermo Scientific antimicrobial susceptibility testing product range also includes Thermo Scientific antimicrobial discs for all of the antimicrobial compounds recommended in the EUCAST method. The recommended culture medium (Mueller-Hinton Agar) is available in dehydrated or various prepared media formats (with and without defibrinated horse blood and NAD). Ergonomically-designed disc dispensers, for the accurate placement of discs onto a variety of agar plate sizes (90, 120 and 140mm); and the Thermo Scientific Turbidometer, for accurate preparation of 0.5 McFarland inoculums, are also available.

For further information about the new harmonized European disc diffusion method visit www.eucast.org. For the full list of Thermo Scientific EUCAST-ready AST products, customers outside of the US should contact their local Thermo Scientific representative (tel +44 1256 841144, email leslie.bissell@thermofisher.com, www.oxoid.com), customers inside the US should contact their Remel representative (email remel@remel.com, www.remel.com)

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Posted on March 18, 2011