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Sensititre YeastOne: More Antifungal Options, Lower Cost per Test

Thermo Sensititre™ YeastOne™ plates
Thermo Scientific Sensititre YeastOne products include the only FDA-cleared broth microdilution plate for antifungal susceptibility testing.

Thermo Sensititre™ YeastOne™ plates are designed to determine quantitative antifungal susceptibilities of non-fastidious yeast, including Candida species, Cryptococcus* species, and other rapid growing yeast species*. The dual isolate, multi-fungal IVD format for Candida spp. (Part No. YO2IVD) has four antifungal agents, which reduces the cost per test compared to traditional testing methods.

The single isolate, nine antifungal, research-use-only format (Part No. YO9) includes anidulafungin* and micafungin* for yeast and filamentous fungi. The individual packaging of all Sensititre YeastOne products allows laboratories to test one plate at a time, with no waste.

Sensititre YeastOne plates need only 24-hours to incubate, which enables timely results for clinicians. Moreover, the easy set-up procedures eliminate the time-consuming macrobroth dilution alternative. Sensititre YeastOne products have inclusive on-scale QC ranges, which provide immediate quality assurance of testing methodology.

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*For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Posted on August 21, 2012