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Rapid, Accurate Identification of Over 400 Organisms in Just Four Hours

Thermo Scientific RapiID systems
Thermo Scientific RapID Systems are a complete line of cost-effective manual identification panels for a broad spectrum of microorganisms

RapID™ panels offer easy, one-step, simultaneous inoculation of dehydrated reactants in tray wells, for manual identification of over 400 medically important organisms, including: anaerobes, coryneform Gram-positive bacilli, enterics, nonfermenters, and streptococci. In addition, RapID panels are compatible with a wide range of media formulations and culture types.
In just 4-hours, RapID panels produce easy-to-read color reactions in individual wells. The fast incubation time and accurate organism identification facilitate faster treatment decisions. Results of each RapID test can be compared to a convenient RapID Color Guide that provides reference information at a glance, or used with the exclusive, internet-based ERIC® Software. ERIC Software provides probability percent, bioscores, contraindicated test results, accessory tests, and clinically relevant comments.

RapID Systems are ideal for manual testing, or as companion confirmation for automated systems, including the Thermo Scientific Sensititre ARIS 2X System, providing reliable AST/ID testing, with true MIC results. A complete set of ancillary products designed specifically for use with RapID Systems for optimal performance is available.

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Posted on August 6, 2012