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Rapid Identification of Salmonella and Other Food-Borne Micro-Organisms

Salmonella Agglutinating Sera

The Remel range of ready-to-use Agglutinating Sera for the presumptive identification of cultured bacteria is now available from Thermo Scientific Limited. These simple tests rapidly detect specific bacterial antigens for the identification, grouping and/or typing of Salmonella and other food-borne micro-organisms.

The range includes a comprehensive selection of Salmonella anti-sera, based on the highly regarded Kauffmann White scheme. This incorporates agglutinating sera for the identification of flagellar H antigens and somatic O antigens of Salmonella (groups A-S), allowing the fast, accurate and reliable identification of Salmonella strains.

The use of agglutinating sera in the confirmation of Salmonella in foods is described in a number of recommended laboratory methods (References 1-3). The range also includes a basic E. coli serotyping set and agglutinating sera for the identification of Vibrio cholerae (polyvalent, Inaba and Ogawa), Brucella and Shigella species.

The tests can be performed within 2 minutes on glass slides or, if preferred, in tubes. Their ease of use and speed make them ideal for screening purposes, to augment standard culture and biochemical procedures, or to provide valuable information that can be used in the investigation of outbreaks.

A datasheet on these products is now available, to obtain a copy please contact Thermo Scientific using the contact details at the top of this page.

1 - HPA National Standard Methods, F13
2 - USDA FSIS Laboratory Guidebook, QD-F-Micro-0004.01
3 - Health Canada, Official methods for the microbiological analysis of foods – compendium of analytical methods.

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Posted on November 8, 2006