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Thermo Scientific Improves H. pylori Tests

Hp StAR rapid detection of H.pylori
Thermo Scientific has improved its RAPID Hp StAR™ test for the detection of Helicobacter pylori antigen in stool samples. The test now delivers improved sensitivity and specificity, thus enhancing overall performance.

RAPID Hp StAR is a rapid immunochromatographic membrane based assay that provides reliable results in just 15 minutes, without the need for special equipment. The speed and simplicity of this method make it suitable for small volume testing within the laboratory, or for near patient testing in gastroenterology clinics and doctors' surgeries. Such convenience is ideal for monitoring the efficacy of antimicrobial treatment without the need for return hospital visits.

Also available is the Thermo Scientific IDEIA™ Hp StAR test which is a highly sensitive and specific enzyme immunoassay. The test is easy to perform using standard equipment, allowing the 'test and treat' policy recommended by the European Helicobacter Study Group1 to be implemented in routine laboratories. It is suitable for both manual and automated testing and has demonstrated excellent performance when compared to the urea breath test and alternative enzyme immunoassays2,3,4.

Using a combination of unique amplification technology and monoclonal antibodies, both non-invasive tests are performed using a patient stool sample. They detect H. pylori antigen with a high degree of accuracy and can be used to diagnose current infection in both adult and paediatric patients. Unlike serology methods, these stool antigen tests can be used to detect active infection and to confirm the eradication of H. pylori following antibiotic therapy.

Laura Ward, marketing manager, Thermo Scientific commented, 'The Hp StAR tests provide cost effective, non-invasive alternatives to the more invasive methods offered by many hospitals. They involve minimal discomfort for the patient, making them particularly suitable for paediatric use. Furthermore, the ability to detect active infections also helps to avoid the unnecessary administration of antibiotics.'

For further information about IDEIA Hp StAR and RAPID Hp StAR, contact Carlene Simmons, tel: +44 (0) 1256 841144, fax +44 (0) 1256 329728, email leslie.bissell@thermofisher.com or visit www.oxoid.com.

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Posted on October 27, 2009