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Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags make Media Preparation Fast and Easy

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags
Thermo Scientific now offers food microbiologists a fast and convenient way to prepare and dispense large volumes of culture media and diluents. Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags™ are ready to use in a matter of minutes and contain sufficient material to make 20 litres (88 aliquots of 225ml) of medium or diluent.
Each Dry-Bag contains pre-weighed dehydrated culture medium or diluent and is irradiated for sterility. All that is required is the addition of water - either through filter sterilization or by adding pre-sterilised water under aseptic conditions. Dry-Bags are available with filters attached for convenience or without filters as a lower-cost option. For those Dry-Bags supplied without filters, autoclavable, reusable filters are also available.

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags take the hassle out of media preparation. They remove the need for glassware, making them a safe and convenient option for food-testing laboratories and eliminating the need for washing of glassware and heat sterilisation. Furthermore, there is no need to wait for hot media to cool down. Once water is added and powder dissolved, Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags are ready to use immediately. When empty, the bag is simply disposed of with normal laboratory waste.

Cheryl Mooney, food and industrial product manager, Thermo Scientific, comments, 'Our aim is to provide food microbiologists with products that enhance the efficiency of the laboratory. Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags are both time-saving and space-saving, ensuring that staff and resources are free for other important tasks.'

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags are flat-packed in compact boxes of five or ten bags, which can be stored conveniently at room temperature, taking up much less space than fully prepared media products and freeing up valuable refrigerator space. For further information about the range of media and diluents available as Dry-Bags, please contact Thermo Scientific using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on October 21, 2008