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Thermo Scientific Extends Range to Include Bactidrop Stains and Reagents

Remel Bactidrop stains

Microbiology specialist, Thermo Scientific, has extended its range of products for the identification and classification of micro-organisms with the addition of a wide selection of stains and reagents, including the convenient and easy-to-use Remel Bactidrop™ range.

Stains and reagents are used in the identification and classification of isolated microbial species. For convenience and ease of use, Bactidrop stains and reagents are supplied ready-to-use, with 50 ampoules of 0.75ml in each pack. Each crushable glass ampoule is encased in a protective plastic sheath with a dropper dispenser tip. The user is protected from contact with the glass and its contents by the plastic sheath and the entire unit is simply safely disposed of after use.

Stains are available for a wide selection of staining procedures (including mycology, acid-fast, fluorescent, parasitology and Gram stains) and in a variety of sizes, from the Bactidrop format to 250ml bottles and 3.78 litre bulk containers, to suit the needs of every laboratory. Reagents such as Oxidase and Indole, used in a variety of microbial determination and identification procedures, are also supplied in convenient, easy-to-dispense bottles, in addition to the Bactidrop format.

For added assurance, and to meet the regulatory requirements of accredited laboratories, Stain Control Slides are available for quality control testing of staining methods. In addition, a Reagent Control Kit, with 30 tests per kit, is available for quality control testing of reagents used in the microbiology laboratory.

Chris Waghorn, clinical applications manager, Thermo Scientific, comments, “We offer microbiologists a wide selection of products for the identification and characterisation of microbial species, from latex agglutination kits to automated molecular identification systems. The addition of these stains and reagents to the Thermo Scientific range further enhances the choice of products that we offer and allows microbiology laboratories to purchase everything that they need for the growth and identification of micro-organisms from one reliable supplier.”

For further information about the extensive range of stains and reagents now available from Thermo Scientific please use the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on March 1, 2007