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New Thermo Scientific Media Allow Quick, Easy Identification of Cronobacter species

Thermo Scientific has introduced two new culture media for the fast and reliable identification of Cronobacter species (formerly known as Enterobacter sakazakii) from food and environmental samples.

The ongoing development of a new horizontal CEN-ISO standard method for the detection of Cronobacter species by the ISO/TC 34, SC9 Ad hoc group for E. sakazakii, addresses issues such as the scope of the method, reliability of identification criteria and improvements to the media1. In anticipation of these future needs, Thermo Scientific has launched Cronobacter Screening Broth (product code CM1121) and Chromogenic Cronobacter Isolation Agar (product code CM1122).
'We made our new Cronobacter media at the request of ISO/TC 34, SC 9, for the evaluation of the new horizontal ISO Standard for the isolation of Cronobacter spp. from food. This was announced at the first International Cronobacter Conference held at University College in Dublin in January 2009,' comments Patrick Druggan, R&D Group Manager at Thermo Scientific. 'With the development of these new media, we are anticipating the needs of food manufacturers and offering valuable additions to our food culture media range.' he concludes.

The Thermo Scientific range also includes media that conform to current ISO requirements (ISO/TS 22964: 2006). This ISO method, which incorporates the use of buffered peptone water (CM1049), modified Lauryl Sulphate Tryptose Broth (CM1133 and SR0247) and Enterobacter sakazakii Isolation Agar (CM1134), allows the presumptive identification of Cronobacter spp. in just 72 hours, unlike the previous recommended method which could take up to seven days.

Thermo Scientific Cronobacter media form part of the extensive range of ISO compliant media for food and environmental testing available from Thermo Scientific. For further information, speak to your local Thermo Scientific representative, use the contact details at the top of this page or visit

1. Joosten, H. (2009) Presentation at the 1st International Conference on Cronobacter (Enterobacter sakazakii), 22-23 January 2009, Dublin, Ireland.

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Posted on August 20, 2009