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Quick, Convenient Media Preparation with Thermo Scientific Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags

Thermo Scientific Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags

Quick, convenient media preparation with Thermo Scientific Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags.

Significantly reduce the time and labor involved in preparing large volumes of media and diluents for food microbiology testing. Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags™ contain irradiated, dehydrated culture media in a lightweight, transparent plastic bag. Just open, fill and dispense to easily produce 20 liters of high quality medium.

Dry-Bags eliminate the need for glassware, which reduces laboratory supplies and washing, and removes the need for a sterilization step. Plus, there is no need to wait for the culture media to cool before use. Simply add water through a special filter, and the bag is ready to use in just minutes. Each bag makes 20 liters of medium, which can be dispensed easily through the outlet tube. Once empty, the bag can be disposed of with normal laboratory waste.

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags are easy to transport and provide the ultimate convenience in the laboratory while taking up less space than prepared media products or media preparation facilities.

All Thermo Scientific culture media, including Dry-Bags, are manufactured using leading-edge technology and premium ingredients. Quality certificates are available for every batch, to help reduce the burden of QC testing.

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Posted on May 14, 2012