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Thermo Scientific AnaeroGen Compact System Improved

AnaeroGen Compact

Thermo Scientific has released an improved product in its Atmosphere Generation Systems (AGS) range. AnaeroGen™ Compact now incorporates easy-to-use, self-seal "W-Zip" transparent pouches that are designed for the incubation of small numbers of microbiological culture plates. Use of these convenient gas-tight pouches allows microbial growth to be observed at any time without disturbance to the internal atmosphere, making them ideal for use by clinical or industrial laboratories engaged in the culture of slower-growing anaerobic organisms.

The new AnaeroGen W-Zip Compact product (order code AN0010W) comprises 10 AnaeroGen sachets and 10 W-Zip pouches.

"W-Zip pouches have an integral seal which makes closure easy”, says Fiona Macrae, clinical applications manager, Thermo Scientific. "After inserting the AnaeroGen sachet, users simply need to pinch the seal together at one end and squeeze all the way across, making sure that there are no gaps. Once sealed, the pouches maintain the required conditions for anaerobic growth throughout the incubation period."

AnaeroGen reacts rapidly on contact with air to produce an atmosphere of <1% oxygen supplemented with carbon dioxide within 30 minutes, providing ideal conditions for growth of fastidious and obligate anaerobes. To safeguard the health of laboratory staff, this is accomplished without the use of hazardous chemicals. Also, there is no production of hydrogen within the pouch.

By maximising recovery and colony size, AnaeroGen facilitates the prompt identification of cultured anaerobic micro-organisms. In a clinical setting, this enables timely administration of appropriate therapies to aid patient recovery. In the food industry, it allows prompt remedial action to be taken following identification of organisms whose presence might potentially be the cause of product degradation or pose a threat to consumers’ health.

For further information about the Thermo Scientific Atmosphere Generation Systems range of products please contact Thermo Scientific using the contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on January 10, 2007