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Thermo Scientific Microbact™ System Receives CMMAS Approval for Identification of Salmonella and E. coli

Thermo Scientific Microbact™ Gram-negative Bacillus (GNB) Identification System

The Thermo Scientific Microbact™ Gram-negative Bacillus Identification System has been assessed and approved by the Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group, under the Campden Microbiological Method Assessment Scheme (CMMAS), for the identification of Salmonella and E. coli.

The Thermo Scientific Microbact™ identification kits are miniaturised biochemical test systems that provide recognised, standard biochemical identifications in a faster and simpler test format. The Thermo Scientific Microbact™ Gram-negative Bacillus (GNB) Identification System (12A, 12B, 12E and 24E) is used to identify Gram-negative bacilli to species level. Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12A (12E) is used in the food industry to identify oxidase negative, nitrate positive, glucose fermenting Enterobacteriaceae. Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12A and 12B (24E) are used together to identify oxidase positive, nitrate negative, glucose non-fermenters as well as the Enterobacteriaceae.

The CMMAS assessment measured the ability of the Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12A System to correctly identify Salmonella and E. coli isolates. The results demonstrated that the Thermo Scientific method performed as well as, if not better than, an alternative identification method and in a study using known strains of Salmonella, correctly identified 100% of the samples. The Thermo Scientific Microbact™ System was reported to be convenient and easy to use, providing a good alternative to traditional biochemical tests.

To suit the needs of every laboratory, the Thermo Scientific Microbact™ GNB Systems are available in test strip (12A and 12B) or microplate (12E and 24E) format and in smaller or larger kit sizes, as follows:

Microbact™ 12A, 60 identifications
(product code: MB1132A)
Microbact™ 12A, 120 identifications
(product code: MB1076A)
Microbact™ 12B, 60 identifications
(product code: MB1133A)
Microbact™ 12B, 120 identifications
(product code: MB1077A)
Microbact™ 12E, 80 identifications
(product code: MB1130A)
Microbact™ 12E, 160 identifications
(product code: MB1073A)
Microbact™ 24E, 40 identifications
(product code: MB1131A)
Microbact™ 24E, 80 identifications
(product code: MB1074A)

For further information about the Thermo Scientific Microbact™ range of tests, please contact Thermo Scientific [details above] or click on the link below.

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Posted on September 28, 2005