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CMMAS Approval For Thermo Scientific Listeria Identification System

Thermo Scientific Microbact Listeria 12L

The Thermo Scientific Microbact™Listeria 12L Biochemical Identification System has recently been assessed and approved by the Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group, under the Campden Microbiological Method Assessment Scheme (CMMAS), for the identification of Listeria species.

The Thermo Scientific Microbact™ identification kits are miniaturised biochemical test systems that provide recognised, standard biochemical identifications in a faster and simpler test format. Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12L incorporates 12 tests (10 sugar utilisation tests, aesculin hydrolysis and a rapid haemolysis test) in a convenient identification strip format. Following inoculation and incubation, the pattern of colour changes and lysis allow members of the genus Listeria to be identified to species level.

Following assessment by several independent laboratories, the CMMAS report concluded that the Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12L System performed well and compared favourably with other Listeria identification procedures. The laboratories also commented positively on its ease of use.

Since it was introduced to the Thermo Scientific range last year, sales of the Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12L System have increased steadily as more and more laboratories appreciate the clarity and reliability of the results obtained. CMMAS approval is further proof of the value of this system to the food industry.

The Thermo Scientific Microbact™ 12L System (product code: MB1128) contains sufficient materials for 20 identifications.

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Posted on June 22, 2005