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Isolator™ Improves Culture of Animal Blood and Other Fluids


Thermo Scientific Limited has published two Case Studies, about the use of the Isolator™ Blood Culture System in the veterinary field, in a new Thermo Scientific publication entitled:

'A Novel System for the Direct Draw of
Animal Blood and Fluids
(folio 1000/09/03).

Photograph: The Isolator™ System from Thermo Scientific can be used in the culture of equine joint fluid as well as blood culture from a broad range of animal species.

The first Case Study, by Jamie MacDonald of MacDonald Laboratories Limited, Cheshire, explores the benefits of using the Isolator™ System in the culture of blood from a broad range of animal species. The ability of the System to lyse the leucocyte series of a wide range of species, including birds and reptiles, allows intracellular bacteria to be released and cultured easily. This study concludes that Isolator™ is effective, convenient and cost effective for use in the veterinary field.

The second Case Study, by Margaret Blackett of Greenwood, Ellis and Partners - a large equine veterinary practice in Newmarket, discusses the use of Isolator™ in the culture of equine joint fluid. The practice was finding that positive samples (indicated by elevated white cell counts) frequently failed to grow due to low numbers of infective cells and to the antibacterial properties of the fluid. When compared to broth culture, the Isolator™ System provided more positive samples (80% compared to 12%) with results 12 –24 hours earlier. A variety of significant organisms were isolated.

The Isolator™ System is compact and easy to transport. Furthermore, the direct draw inoculation procedure makes it ideal for collecting samples in remote settings. Although it was designed for the culture of blood, Isolator™ is also effective in recovering organisms from other fluids, such as dialysis, joint, lung, abdominal and biliary fluids, and has been used for numerous animal groups, including equine, feline, canine, primate, avian and reptilian. Isolated colonies are available sooner, allowing earlier antimicrobial susceptibility testing, prompt administration of appropriate therapy and improved prognosis for the patient.

The principles of the Isolator™ System and full procedure details are included in this new Thermo Scientific publication.

To receive a copy, please telephone Carlene Simmons at Thermo Scientific Limited on +44 (0)1256 841144, fax +44 (0)1256 329728, email leslie.bissell@thermofisher.com or visit www.oxoid.com for further information.

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Posted on December 4, 2003