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Thermo Scientific Prepared Media - Small Volume Bottles Now easier to Use

See-through Labelling

The labelling of small volume bottles in the Thermo Scientific Prepared Media range of broths and diluents has been enhanced for ease of use.

As the label takes up most of the bottle surface area, opaque labels can obscure the contents meaning that it is difficult to gauge the volume of media contained within. The new labels from Thermo Scientific have all of the labelling information printed onto a clear background material that allows users to see the contents without uncapping the product.

Photo: The new see-through labelling on Thermo Scientific’s prepared media means that the products are safer and easier to use.

Thermo Scientific prepared media comes in a variety of formats and fill volumes and is ideal for the recovery, enrichment, growth and enumeration of micro-organisms. Manufactured under controlled conditions in BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registered and ISO 13485 accredited production facilities, with quality control certificates for each lot, these ready-made products eliminate the need for time-consuming media preparation within the laboratory, thus freeing up staff for other more important tasks. With a continually expanding product range, Thermo Scientific prepared media is now chosen by clinical, food, water, pharmaceutical and research laboratories worldwide for its convenience and quality.

This latest change to see-through labelling is yet another example of how Thermo Scientific are proactively improving the range by providing products that are safer and easier to use.

For more information please contact Carlene Simmons, Thermo Scientific [details above]

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Posted on August 25, 2005

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