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Thermo Scientific Extends Range of Rapid Identification Tests


The wide selection of identification tests available from Thermo Scientific has been extended to include the rapid and convenient RapID range. These easy to use test panels provide accurate and reliable identifications of a broad range of micro-organisms in just four hours – and in as little as two hours for selected organisms.

Each panel incorporates a carefully selected series of biochemical tests directed towards a particular group of organisms. Unlike some alternative methods, the RapID range is not dependent on the growth of the organisms but detects specific constitutive enzymes. As a result, every panel can be incubated aerobically, without the need for an oil overlay, saving on both time and materials. Furthermore, the novel inoculation method allows each test well to be inoculated simultaneously, simplifying the procedure and allowing further time savings.

The RapID range is complemented by the user-friendly, windows-based ERIC software (Electronic RapID Compendium). This powerful package ranks organism identifications by probability. Greater than 95% probability is required for an identification, ensuring excellent accuracy and reliability, and accessory tests and methods are offered to resolve any identification overlaps.

Collectively, the extensive ERIC databases (one for each RapID panel) provide identifications for around 400 different micro-organisms. Identification reports can then be saved and printed, with reporting options that allow the user to track identification patterns and organism trends.

RapID panels are available for the identification of the following micro-organisms:

  • Oxidase negative Enterobacteriaceae (RapID ONE)
  • Anaerobic bacteria (RapID ANA II)
  • Gram-negative glucose non-fermenters and other selected Gram-negative rods (RapID NF Plus)
  • Neisseria and Haemophilus species (RapID NH)
  • Corynebacterium species and other irregular Gram-negatives (RapID CB Plus)
  • Yeasts and related organisms (RapID Yeast Plus)
  • Streptococci and related organisms (RapID STR)
  • Urinary Tract pathogens (RapID SS/u)

For a full list of organisms that can be detected using the RapID range and for further product information, please contact Carlene Simmons [details above]; visit the Thermo Scientific website at www.oxoid.com or click on the link below.

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Posted on April 27, 2005