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New Animal-Free Peptone: Designed for Pharmaceutical Fermentation Processes


World leading microbiology company, Thermo Scientific Limited, has extended its Veggietones range of animal-free peptones and culture media to include MycoPeptone (VG0500).

Designed for pharmaceutical fermentation processes, this highly nutritious peptone encourages luxuriant growth of even the most fastidious micro-organisms.

Like all the products in the Veggietones range, MycoPeptone is completely free from animal materials. It is derived from a fungal protein and fungal enzymes are used to digest the raw material. This eliminates concerns over the transmission of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and other TSEs. MycoPeptone has also been certified as free from genetically modified material, making it ideal for sensitive pharmaceutical processes.

MycoPeptone contains a wide distribution of peptides (including low molecular weight di- and tri-peptides, as well as amino acids) and is rich in carbohydrate and B vitamins. This peptone is formulated to provide an excellent nutritious base for the growth of a wide range of micro-organisms, including fastidious species, and is particularly good for the growth of Streptococcus species.

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Posted on April 12, 2005