Expect Rapid, Reliable Performance from Xpect® Flu Kits

Thermo Scientific Xpect Flu Kits
Be prepared for the upcoming flu season! Thermo Scientific Xpect Flu Kits provide accurate, reliable results in just 15 minutes

The flu season is already upon us, and when it comes to rapid influenza testing, one name stands out: Xpect®. Maintain efficiency and productivity within the laboratory by using Thermo Scientific Xpect Kits. Xpect Flu A&B kits allow for optimal flexibility with room temperature storage, multiple collection and transport options, and rapid turnaround time with a two-step walk-away procedure.
In just 15 minutes, easy-to-read results are available, allowing physicians to make a rapid diagnosis with confidence. Xpect Flu A&B Kits provide accurate, reliable results that reduce the need for secondary testing, decrease unnecessary antibiotic use, and help to guide appropriate antiviral therapy.

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Posted on September 24, 2012