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Wide Range of Virology Products Now Available from Thermo Scientific

Xpect™ Flu A&B rapid lateral flow test

Microbiology experts, Thermo Scientific Limited, now offer a comprehensive range of products for the detection of significant viral pathogens, such as Influenza types A and B, Rotavirus, Adenovirus and Astrovirus.

The range includes microplate assays for the detection of Rotavirus (product code: 24920967), Adenovirus (product code: 2494596) and Astrovirus (product code: 2496096) - part of the ProSpecT® range of assays for enteric pathogens. These convenient and easy-to-use tests detect specific antigen directly from faecal specimens, offering highly sensitive and specific results within just 2 hours. Each ProSpecT® assay uses the same procedure and reagents (supplied in ready-to-use dropper bottles), allowing several strips for different enteric pathogens (viral, bacterial or parasitic) to be set up and run simultaneously. All incubations are at room temperature and results can be read easily - visually or spectrophotometrically.

Thermo Scientific also now offers the Xpect™ rapid lateral flow test for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of Influenza types A and B (product code: 24600). The Xpect™ test offers incredible speed (with results in 15 minutes), accuracy and ease-of-use, allowing appropriate treatment and care to be initiated at the earliest opportunity and providing valuable information for epidemiology and reporting purposes. This test also offers the flexibility of use with several specimen and transport media options.

To complete the range, a rapid latex agglutination test for the detection of Rotavirus direct from faecal specimens (product code: 30950401) is also available from Thermo Scientific. The test is simple to perform, with easily visualised results available within minutes. Everything that is required to carry out this fast and accurate test is supplied in a convenient workstation.

For further information about the wide range of virology products available from Thermo Scientific, please contact Carlene Simmons [details above] or click on the link below.

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Posted on September 28, 2005