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New Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags Simplify Media Preparation for Food Microbiology Labs

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags

New Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags greatly reduce the time and labour involved in preparing large volumes of primary enrichment media and diluents for food microbiology testing. Pre-weighed, sterile dehydrated media are supplied in lightweight, transparent plastic bags – all that is required is the addition of water and the medium or diluent is ready for use.

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags completely eliminate the need for glassware, which reduces hazards in the laboratory and removes the need for washing and sterilisation. Water is simply added through a special filter and the bag is ready to use in just minutes. Each bag makes 20 litres of medium or diluent, sufficient for 88 aliquots of 225 ml, which can be dispensed easily through the outlet tube. Once empty, the bag can be disposed of with normal laboratory waste.

Thermo Scientific Dry-Bags are supplied in compact boxes of 5 bags, which are lightweight and easy to transport, providing ultimate convenience in the laboratory but taking up much less space than fully-prepared media products or media preparation facilities.

To find out about the range of media and diluents available as Dry-Bags please visit the Thermo Scientific website or contact Carlene Simmons, contact details are at the top of this page.

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Posted on February 1, 2006