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For Accurate Air Sampling Results, Use Thermo Scientific Remel Media

Surface Air Sampler (SAS)
The Surface Air Sampler (SAS) is the top choice of many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and food companies for the detection of microbial contamination and air quality testing. The SAS Super 180 product can sample 180 liters of air per minute, resulting in a quick, accurate test. Using Thermo Scientific Remel media plates, the SAS produces quantifiable results in connection with the sample air volume.
Additional SAS Benefits include:
  • Establishes data on microbial levels
  • Works with sterile contact plates and settling plates
  • Improves hygiene standards
  • Organizes sequential sampling
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In addition to the partnership with Bioscience International, the Thermo Scientific portfolio has a large selection of environmental testing products, including swabs, prepared culture media, dehydrated culture media, tubes and custom media formulations. These products provide a leading solution in air and surface sampling. We manufacture, market, and distribute the highest quality products to monitor your processes, meeting regulatory guidelines to ensure the accuracy of your environmental testing.

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Posted on November 13, 2012