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Charles River is a global provider of comprehensive and innovative microbial QC product and testing solutions.

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For three decades, Charles River has been dedicated to the development of precise, robust micro-QC solutions that help bring your products to market safely and efficiently. Our mission is to provide industry-leading scientific and technological advances that not only meet ever-changing regulatory guidelines but set a new standard in the way you perform testing. We’ve purposely built our portfolio to bring you progressive products and services that deliver accurate, relevant, and measurable data to fuel confident decisions on product quality for release. Our unique combination of Endosafe® endotoxin testing, Celsis® rapid microbial detection, and Accugenix® microbial identification and strain typing keeps your manufacturing operations running efficiently and smoothly, lowers your cost to manufacture, and protects your reputation.

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Portfolio of Products and Services

Endosafe® Endotoxin Testing

Our FDA-licensed Endosafe® endotoxin testing system offers rapid and traditional bacterial endotoxin testing, along with sustainable animal-free recombinant reagents, ensuring you can make confident decisions about the safety of your products with the most sensitive and robust BET solutions available.


Accugenix® Microbial Id and Strain Typing Services

Accugenix®, our microbial identification, and strain typing service, leads the industry with unparalleled accuracy and the broadest reference libraries of relevant bacteria, fungi, and yeasts found during the manufacturing process. Our dedication to industrial microbiology has driven the development and adoption of the most progressive technologies to improve your environmental monitoring programs, reduce costs, and protect your brand. 


Celsis® Rapid Microbial Detection

Celsis® our rapid microbial detection solution, allows you to test and safely release products in half the time of traditional methods for sterility, bioburden, and microbial limits. By providing results in less than 7 days for sterility and less than 2 days for bioburden and microbial limits, Celsis® detects contamination faster, minimizing the impact of contamination events on your manufacturing process. 

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Celsis Accel® Rapid Microbial Detection System


The Celsis Accel® system offers a compact and user-friendly rapid microbial detection solution, built upon the robust and widely adopted Celsis Advance II™ platform. This system delivers results in less than 48 hours for microbial limits (USP <61>) quality control testing and 6 days for sterility testing (USP <71>), enabling manufacturers to rapidly confirm product quality and expedite their release to the market.

Celsis Advance II™ High-Throughput Rapid Microbial Detection System


The Celsis Advance II instrument provides a high-throughput ATP bioluminescence rapid microbiology detection solution that has helped companies worldwide screen products for microbial contamination. It offers an exceptionally high throughput of up to 120 assays per hour, supporting large-scale manufacturing operations by delivering results in less than 48 hours for microbial limits USP (<61>) and 6 days for sterility testing (USP <71>).

Celsis Adapt™ Sample Concentrator System


The Celsis Adapt™ Concentrator is a recent addition to the Celsis rapid microbiological detection platform, specifically designed to remove non-microbial sample components. This system effectively eliminates cellular debris typically found in cell and gene therapies, as well as preservatives and antimicrobial agents present in cosmetic and personal care samples.

Axcess® MALDI-TOF for Microbiology Identification


The Axcess® Microbial Identification System features the precision of the Bruker MALDI Biotyper instrument with the industry-leading Accugenix® proprietary microbial libraries through a secure online network. The MALDI-TOF system for microbiology testing is the optimal solution for in-house microbial identification needs. The MALDI-TOF identification system instrument, combined with validated microbial databases, provides all the tools needed for accurate and fast organism identifications.



The Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ is a rapid, point-of-use test system that provides quantitative LAL results within 15 minutes. Supporting both Endosafe® LAL and Trillium™ recombinant cascade reagent (rCR) cartridges, it provides accurate and effortless endotoxin detection and glucan concentration determination. Proprietary Endosafe® nexgen-PTS™ endotoxin detection software version 10.1 ensures users are in full compliance with the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11.

Endosafe® nexgen-MCS™


The Endosafe® nexgen-MCS™ is a multi-cartridge endotoxin detection system that utilizes LAL cartridges and Trillium™ recombinant cascade reagent (rCR) cartridges for fast, quantitative, and accurate endotoxin results. It comprises of five individual spectrophotometers built into a unit with a single USB connector that links to a desktop computer running EndoScan-V™, our 21 CFR Part 11-compliant ready endotoxin-measuring software.

Endosafe® Nexus™ 200


The Endosafe® Nexus™ 200 is a fully enclosed, data integrity compliant, walkaway robotic instrument capable of testing up to 120 samples per run and performing complex and serial dilutions via cartridge technology. This automated system reduces manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency, and is completely enclosed in an integrated cabinet with a locking door and caster wheel safety features.

Endosafe® PRS 3 Microplate Reader


The Endosafe® PRS 3 microplate reader offers streamlined endotoxin testing with existing Endosafe® reagents from Charles River on a flexible platform. Users enjoy a seamless and intuitive experience combined with the Endosafe® EndoScan-V™ software version 6.2 and above. The PRS 3 system allows users to effortlessly switch between LAL and rCR vial-based reagents, providing flexibility to test multiple samples with different reagents.

Endosafe® Cartridges


The Endosafe® cartridge technology is our innovative solution for higher sensitivity and faster quantitative results with the kinetic chromogenic method. The cartridges reduce time-consuming preparation and technician variability, offer higher sensitivity, faster results, and simpler test execution using a 15-minute rapid assay. The convenience and simplicity of cartridge technology is unmatched.

Endosafe® Trillium™


An animal-free recombinant cascade reagent (rCR), Endosafe® Trillium™ is the latest addition to the Endosafe portfolio. Built on sound science, it detects and quantifies natural environmental endotoxins. As an optimized kinetic chromogenic reagent curated to simulate the natural LAL reaction, the formulation and composition includes the three critical biological proteins (recombinant Factor C, recombinant Factor B, and recombinant proclotting enzyme) and a specific concentration of key components.

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