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28th March 2024  Content supplied by: Charles River Microbial Solutions

QC Micro Summit: For Movers, Shakers, and Next Year’s Decision Makers

The Charles River QC Micro Summit is an annual event for progressive quality control microbiologists from all areas, backgrounds, and experiences. These professionals are dedicated to bringing new ideas and technologies to the world of QC microbiology, and it’s exactly what they came to the 2024 QC Micro Summit for.

Kate Shannon, Senior Strategic Marketing Specialist for Charles River Microbial Solutions, describes the latest QC Micro summit below. 

Insightful Roundtable Discussions
Attendees appreciated the opportunity for smaller, niche discussions during our roundtable session and a break from the day-to-day presentations. Tables were separated by core themes, including compliance, limitations, innovation, and sustainability, and moderators were given talking points to get the conversations rolling. However, once started, groups had no issues with carrying on, bringing forth their personal experiences, burning questions, and food for thought.

Fresh Perspectives from Presenters

  • A Guide to New Equipment: Laurie Boyd, Manager of QC Technical Services in Microbiology at Alkermes has attended the event since 2022. She voiced interest in speaking after last year’s Summit, this year she presented her experiences in incorporating new equipment into the lab. Laurie gave pointers on where to start in the implementation process, and how to make a successful transition. 
  • Exploring Pharma 4.0 Potential: Joanny Salvas, Sr., Manager of Sterile Injectables and Biotech Operations at Pfizer and another new face at the podium, presented her experience using a “Pharma 4.0” mindset to scout new technologies and integrate them into her organization. 
  • Pioneering Animal-Free BET: Another newcomer at the QC Micro Summit presenter circle was Kelly Smith, Senior Principal Biologist at Eli Lilly. His talk touched on the company’s beta-testing efforts with Endosafe® Trillium™, a recombinant product that hit the market earlier this year. Kelly shared his company’s journey in transitioning from LAL to a 100% animal-free alternative and how this change yielded successful results for their sustainability and patient safety needs. 
  • An Eye Toward Future Regulations: Finishing off the Summit on Wednesday, the audience was presented with the latest updates from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Committee from none other than Marsha Steed, who just this year left her industry role to pursue Steed MicroBio LLC, her own consulting firm, where she is the Founder & President of Microbiology Consulting. 


Signature Networking Events
As always, the Summit’s networking events were popular among guests. A crowd favorite is always the South Carolina Aquarium Night, where eventgoers have the run of the entire aquarium after hours, complete with local dining favorites and networking opportunities to welcome guests on Day 1. 

Immersive Recombinant Workshop Provided Hands-On Access
But that wasn’t all. Some participants stayed well into the afternoon on Wednesday, after the conclusion of the main Summit, for an exclusive Hands-On Workshop with Endosafe® Trillium™ rCR and sustainable endotoxin testing.

Attendees visited Charles River’s Charleston site and participated in additional sessions such as an introduction to sustainability, and validation strategies for an rCR. They then moved through three demonstration rooms, including stops along the way for a tour of the facility. Attendees were able to conduct their own assays using rCR in cartridges, which is a feature just introduced this year by Charles River. 

Kate commented, "Let me be among the first to say that this was one of our best Summits so far (all biases aside). Not only did we draw a record number of registrants, but we added new features to the meeting as well, such as roundtable discussions and an additional workshop where attendees were able to get more involved in the technology presented.

If this event seems suitable for your organization’s needs, career growth, and networking expansion, please contact Charles River using the green "Request Information" button below to be put on the waiting list for the 2025 event.

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