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4th October 2022  Content supplied by: Charles River Microbial Solutions

Modern Microbial Testing Methods for QC at PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Protecting the integrity of your products demands rigorous quality control, a critical task made easier with the help of a reliable partner. 

Charles River Microbial Solutions offers an extensive portfolio of products and services that eliminates time constraints and quality issues that may arise during and after manufacturing. Our products and services are designed to help you with objective decision-making on product quality and contamination control, ensuring the integrity of your microbial data and minimizing risk to patients. 

Our unparalleled portfolio keeps your manufacturing operations running efficiently, lowers your cost to manufacture, and protects your reputation. Make sure you stop by at Charles River Laboratories booth at PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology conference 2022 and speak to our Microbial Solutions team, who are ready to help you in elevating your microbial testing requirements.

Our experts will cover:

Endosafe® Bacterial Endotoxin Testing: 

Our portfolio of FDA-licensed LAL products for both rapid and traditional bacterial endotoxin testing solutions reduces retest rates, decreases variability, and improves turnaround times, enabling prompt, confident decisions about product quality and safety. 

Celsis® Rapid Microbial Detection: 

Celsis rapid ATP bioluminescence is quickly becoming the leading RMM for use in quality control for rapid sterility, in-process control testing, and in emerging therapeutic markets, such as mRNA-based therapies, cell therapies, gene therapies, and short shelf-life products. Rapid sterility results can be obtained in just six days, while bioburden results are available in just 24 hours. 

Accugenix® Microbial Identification Services:

Accugenix microbial identification and strain typing services offer unparalleled accuracy providing identifications that you can rely on. We process more than 450,000 environmental isolates a year, which enables us to expand our bacterial, yeast, and fungal libraries by identifying microorganisms frequently recovered from QC labs around the world. This database can be easily tracked via a personalised customer portal which now includes a key reference tool called AccuPedia™, a SAAS product capable of providing high-level insights into risk assessments while analyzing your microflora. 

Explore Accugenix

We hope to see you at our exhibit, feel free to reach out to our team to schedule a meeting, or if you have any questions on our portfolio, use the green "Request Information" button below to ask for more details.

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Date Published: 4th October 2022

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