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Steritest® Sterility Testing System

Configure your Steritest® system to fit your sample, packaging, and controlled testing environment needs. Our portfolio, which offers a fully regulatory-compliant testing workflow (USP <71>, EU Pharmacopoeia < 2.6.1> and JP Pharmacopoeia <4.06>), includes: Sterility testing pumps and accessories Membrane filtration devices Culture media, rinse fluids,

Milliflex® Rapid System 2.0

The Milliflex® Rapid 2.0 system combines membrane filtration and ATP bioluminescence to detect, image, and quantify microcolonies of bacteria, yeasts, and molds up to 4x faster than compendial bioburden or sterility testing. Compatible with a variety of filterable samples in the pharmaceutical, ATMP, biotech, and personal care industries, it helps

Novilite - designed for application of the PRENOVA® platform technology

The Novilite instrument is a compact luminometer specially designed for application of the PRENOVA® platform technology. The Novilite tests up to 96 samples per hour. The Novilite is designed for rapid and reliable QC of vaccine and cell and gene therapy preparations. The Novilite luminometer is operated via Promicol’