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Endosafe® Nexus™ 200

Endosafe Nexus 200 Automated Endotoxin Testing
High Throughput Endotoxin Testing

Principle: Automated Endotoxin Testing with Robotics and Endosafe® cartridge technology

Automation: Yes

Suitability: For all samples typically tested for bacterial endotoxins


The Endosafe® Nexus™ 200 is a fully enclosed, data integrity compliant, walkaway robotic instrument capable of testing up to 120 samples per run and performing complex and serial dilutions via cartridge technology. This automated system reduces manual intervention, enhancing operational efficiency, and is completely enclosed in an integrated cabinet with a locking door and caster wheel safety features.

Key Points:
  • Fully automated walkaway system that reduces manual intervention and enhances operational efficiency
  • Completely enclosed platform mounted on an integrated cabinet with locking door and caster wheel safety features
  • Increases sample throughput capability, testing up to 120 diluted and undiluted samples per run
  • Expertly handles complex serial dilutions for a broad range of testing requirements
  • Supports both Endosafe® Trillium™ rCR and FDA-licensed LAL cartridge technology


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