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Endosafe® Cartridges

Cartridges for kinetic chromogenic endotoxin testing
15-Minute Rapid Endotoxin Assay

Principle: A rapid and sustainable solution for simplifying endotoxin testing

Automation: No

Suitability: Rapid bacterial endotoxin testing


The Endosafe® cartridge technology is our innovative solution for higher sensitivity and faster quantitative results with the kinetic chromogenic method. The cartridges reduce time-consuming preparation and technician variability, offer higher sensitivity, faster results, and simpler test execution using a 15-minute rapid assay. The convenience and simplicity of cartridge technology is unmatched.

Key Points:
  • Deliver quantitative endotoxin results in approximately 15 minutes
  • Optimized kinetic chromogenic reagents available with both LAL and rCR reagents.
  • LAL cartridges are fully compendial and comply with all regulatory requirements outlined in global pharmacopeias.
  • Ready to use, pre-loaded with all the reagents required to perform an endotoxin test,
  • Fully aligned and integrated with our existing suite of Endosafe cartridge instrumentation and software


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