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8th October 2018  Content supplied by: Charles River Microbial Solutions

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Charles River Microbial Solutions - Rapid Microbial Detection. Celsis® rapid microbial detection instruments enable users to detect contamination in a matter of hours as opposed to the days required for traditional methods. Using ATP-bioluminescence, a time-tested, robust detection method, Celsis instruments provide an automated, objective, and, most importantly, confident answer to the question, Is my product clean or not? 

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Charles River Microbial Solutions - Bacterial Endotoxin Testing. Our portfolio of Endosafe® endotoxin testing solutions, from traditional LAL reagents to our line of rapid, real-time single and high volume sample testing systems is purposely built to deliver robust, consistent, and confident results. Stop by and see how the Endosafe® Nexus our fully automated endotoxin testing system, reduces variability, increases efficiency, and removes subjectivity.

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Charles River Microbial Solutions - Microbial ID and Strain Typing.  Accugenix® microbial testing services can streamline your lab operations and take the worry out of identifying environmental isolates.  Our proprietary DNA sequencing and MALDI-TOF organism libraries are continuously optimized to maximize the accuracy of species-level identifications.  Automated data trending via a secure web portal reduces risk of human error and simplifies analysis of environmental monitoring data. 

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Join Charles River for a series of two webinars:

11th October 2018 - Understanding the EU GMP Annex 1 Revisions - Find out more

30th October 2018 - Addressing the Proposed EU GMP Annex 1 Changes, Your EM Program and Micro QC Operations Find out more

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Date Published: 8th October 2018

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