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15th May 2023  Content supplied by: Charles River Microbial Solutions

Charles River Introduces Accugenix® Next Generation Sequencing: Enhancing Efficiency and Quality

Recently, Charles River announced the launch of Accugenix® Next Generation Sequencing for Bacterial and Fungal Identification (Accugenix® NGS), an important new sequencing offering within the company’s Accugenix® portfolio of microbial testing solutions. Charles River developed the new offering based on customer feedback and desire to increase the complexity of the analyses that they can do with their recovered microorganisms.

Accugenix® NGS offers the following to biotech and pharma organizations:
  • Expeditious and accurate results – This product sequences millions of individual DNA fragments from a sample and offers a snapshot of the microbiome at that point in time, providing key information about microbial control. When investigating mixed species environments, it shares insights on microbial populations without the need for any culturing, thus reducing downtime and uncertainty, which is critical for manufacturing decisions, risk assessments, and remediations.
  • Deeper technical partnerships – By collaborating with proven professionals, the service answers client questions, provides more robust compliance capabilities and higher levels of control while offering partnerships with a global network of labs, bioinformaticians, and specialists who interpret results and provide post-report support.


This new offering builds upon Charles River’s existing Accugenix® portfolio that spans 10 laboratory locations globally and offers clients microbial identification and strain typing services. The full press release is available here. Are you interested in connecting with an executive at Charles River to discuss how Accugenix® will create value for customers and create efficiencies in the drug development process?

Schedule a walkthrough of our Accugenix NGS services today to reduce downtime and uncertainty.

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Date Published: 15th May 2023

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