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For more than 20 years, Promicol® has specialised in developing and manufacturing rapid ATP microbial testing for a large variety of products from both the Food Industry (e.g., Dairy, Fruit Juice, Plant-based Drinks, among others) and the Cosmetic/Personal Care Industry.


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Save money and time while raising quality control standards by using Promicol® ATP Bioluminescence technology.

Established in 2000, with many years of experience in all aspects of ATP technology, Promicol® develops and manufactures innovative, rapid testing for microbial contamination of products and raw materials for the food, beverage, and cosmetic markets.

We specialise in making ATP bioluminescence work for your products, and your company, by delivering products and services tailored to the challenges of industrial microbial control and quality management worldwide. 

The Promilite M4A® equipment is specially developed for larger test-series (above 50 tests per day) and the Promilite M1® is specially developed for smaller test-series (25-50 tests per day). Depending on the application, on average the results are visible after 24 hours (e.g. Cosmetics) or after 48 hours (e.g. Dairy) and will decrease the “total time of testing” (after incubation) considerably.

Committed to high levels of customer service and support, our aim is to develop long-term working relationships with our customers built on trust, innovation, and expertise as we help to provide solutions to the demands and challenges from rapidly changing markets making ATP work for you, together with you.

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