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24th November 2015  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

PROMILITE M1® ATP Testing Made Affordable

The PROMILITE M1® is a compact Luminometer for users with a low number of microbial tests per day. PROMICOL has developed this instrument for users with special requirements in term of “speed” with a maximum workload of 10-50 tests per day. The PROMILITE M1® uses a proprietary ATP rapid microbial test application that has been proven to be extremely reliable and user friendly.

The smaller test range of 10-50 tests per day allows a lower price making the PROMILITE M1® extremely cost effective and makes “ATP TESTING REALLY AFFORDABLE”.

The PROMILITE M1® is a special designed PC-controlled tube luminometer that is based on 10 cuvettes measurement with maximum 4 injectors. The instrument makes use of a highly sensitive low noise single photon counting photomultiplier.

The instrument has specifically designed software PHOTONIX®, which is independent of any platform or third party OS. This reduces software incompatibility and makes the total system reliable and independent.

The most characteristic features of the PROMILITE M1® are the following:

  • Intelligent reagent tracking
  • Minimized reagent usage during priming
  • Up to 10 cuvettes with samples per measurement
  • High sensitivity
  • Embedded or external computer possible
  • Injectors and/or shaker are easy to change
  • QQQ tools for quality control of the instrument
  • Low price



Date Published: 24th November 2015

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