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Promilite M4A® - High Throughput ATP Bioluminescence Testing

The Promilite M4A® microplate luminometer has been specially designed for medium- and large-size companies with high sample throughput (i.e. measuring more than 50 samples per day). The Promilite M4A tests up to 500 samples per hour. The Promilite M4A is used for rapid ATP testing

Promilite M1® - ATP Testing Made Affordable

The Promilite M1® tube luminometer has been specially designed for small and mid-size companies, with low sample throughput (i.e. measuring up to 50 samples per day). The Promilite M1 tests up to 10 samples per measurement. The Promilite M1 is used for rapid ATP testing of a variety of

ATP Bioluminescence Testing of Finished Products

The Promicol system provides a rapid and reliable method for testing microbial ATP content in several different food and beverage products like, for example, dairy, infant food, fruit juices, beverages, soups, sauces, desserts, puddings as well as cosmetic and toiletries products.  The result of the method is given after

ATP Hygiene Monitoring for Surfaces or Liquids

All-in-one sample collection and testing device for use with a luminometer to measure residual contamination on surfaces or in liquid samples giving results in 15 seconds. The device contains a liquid-stable reagent in patented snap valve technology for consistency, convenience and ease of use. The pre-wetted swab ensures good sample collection

InSite - Fast Food Pathogen Detection

InSite is a self-contained, reagent swab device for the detection of pathogens in environmental samples. Each device contains a chromogenic liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and colour changing compounds. The devices consist of pre-enrichment media and neutralisers on the swab and selective enrichment in the separate bulb. Specific

MicroSnap - Rapid Bacterial Detection

MicroSnap is family of rapid measurement devices for bacteria giving results in 4 – 8 hours when used with EnSURE luminometer. MicroSnap comprises of 2 parts used in 2 steps; an enrichment device used for sample collection, preparation and enrichment in a bespoke medium prior to a separate detection device that is measured in

EnSURE - Portable Luminometer with Trending Software

EnSURE is a small portable luminometer that measures emitted light from bespoke detection devices for testing several different analytes. Using state-of- the-art technology, it provides high sensitivity with low background noise for sensitive reliable detection. It is simple to use, small, lightweight offering excellent value of money. This versatile multi-functional