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MicroSnap - Rapid Bacterial Detection


Manufacturer: Hygiena International

Principle: Enhanced enrichment followed by novel selective bioluminescent detection

Automation: Manual throughput >100 per hour

Approvals: AOAC validation for MicroSnap E. coli, Coliform and Total

Suitability: Many applications; surfaces swabs, raw materials, finished product and water

Capital equipment required: Luminometer and incubator


MicroSnap is family of rapid measurement devices for bacteria giving results in 4 – 8 hours when used with EnSURE luminometer. MicroSnap comprises of 2 parts used in 2 steps; an enrichment device used for sample collection, preparation and enrichment in a bespoke medium prior to a separate detection device that is measured in the EnSURE.

Key Points:
  • Tests Available:
    • Total (TVC)
    • Enterobacteriaceae
    • Coliform
    • E. coli
    • Listeria spp
  • Results in 6 – 8 hours; quantitative and qualitative
  • large dynamic range means less sample preparation saving time and money
  • small footprint
  • simple  and convenient


    Food & Beverage
Company contact details:

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United Kingdom

Website: Visit Website
Tel: +[44] 1923 818821

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