Charles River Endosafe Trillium rCR cartridges

ATP Hygiene Monitoring for Surfaces or Liquids


Manufacturer: Hygiena International

Principle: ATP bioluminescence

Approvals: Third party verification studies

Suitability: Hygiene monitoring and cleaning verification. Biomass monitoring.

Capital equipment required: Luminometer


All-in-one sample collection and testing device for use with a luminometer to measure residual contamination on surfaces or in liquid samples giving results in 15 seconds. The device contains a liquid-stable reagent in patented snap valve technology for consistency, convenience and ease of use. The pre-wetted swab ensures good sample collection and recovery.

Key Points:
  • Product type
    • UltraSnap (surface test)
    • SuperSnap (high sensitivity surface test)
    • AquaSnap Free and Total ( liquid samples)
    • SnapShot / Watershot (for bespoke luminometers)
  • Pre-wetted swab enhances sample recovery
  • Superior sensitivity and repeatability
  • Results provided in 15 seconds
  • Works with most luminometers
  • Robust and tolerant reagent
  • Long shelf life 15 months


    Food & Beverage
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