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16th April 2019  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

Life is Colorful - ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing of Colored Products

The Promicol system provides a rapid and reliable method for testing microbial ATP content in different types of products. Currently, several companies worldwide producing dairy products, infant food, fruit juices, beverages, soups, sauces, desserts, puddings as well as cosmetic and toiletries products are using our technology to ensure high quality standards of their products. The Promicol system provides fast and reliable results regarding sterility of the tested products which enables companies to release their finished products to the market at an earlier stage compared to traditional method which results in less costs for storage and warehousing. 

Nearly all of the products produced and consumed nowadays have vivid colors. Consumers expect food and drink businesses to produce as natural products as possible, not only based on taste but also visible perception. Turbidity and color of a sample can affect the measurement of light emissions either directly or by biological cross-reactivity with light producing enzymes….but not with the Promicol system. 

Promicol ATP Bioluminescence rapid testing can be applied to the whole variety of colored products. Dark red beetroot or strongly blue to violet blueberry juices can be measured like lightly colored apple juice. Lush green wheatgrass products are as easily measured as vanilla cream. Promicol ATP Bioluminescence rapid testing may be especially useful for the rapid release of UHT dairy and soy products like chocolate milks or chocolate flavored soy drinks where the color excludes the use of dye reduction. 

After a pre-incubation time of 48 to 72 hours, respectively, depending on the matrix, the product can be tested for microbial ATP content using the Promicol rapid microbial ATP test. Especially the microbial detection within fruit juices is sometimes cumbersome because of the acidic environment. The Promicol reagents are specially developed to cope with these extreme conditions and allow the fast determination of microbial contamination. The test procedures are simple and the Promicol system can process and automatically analyze the data from approximately 100 samples within 25 – 45 minute depending on the application. 

The same principle is applicable to cosmetic and toiletries companies which are also endorsing the premise of colors and natural ingredients. Additionally, Promicol ATP Bioluminescence rapid testing can provide fast product release independent from the original product color may it be white toothpaste or sensual red lipstick. 

Promicol aims to develop a long term relationship with its customers, built on trust, innovation and expertise. It is our goal to provide a service that is in touch with the needs of your quality management and to your demands from rapidly changing markets, making ATP work for you, together with you.

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Date Published: 16th April 2019

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