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17th August 2016  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing – the Promicol Solution

The Promicol system provides a rapid and reliable method for testing microbial ATP content in several different food and beverage products like for example dairy products, infant food, fruit juices, beverages, soups, sauces, desserts, puddings as well as cosmetic and toiletries products. The Promicol system is currently used by many international as well as several small companies to routinely release finished products.

The result of the method is given after a short pre-incubation time which is necessary to enrich the contaminating microorganisms in the product. While producers still need to wait for the results of traditional microbiology the Promicol system already provides the results and decision about product release can be taken. In this way costs as well as ‘time-to-market’ are reduced significantly which enables the producer to keep and improve market position.

For Promicol long-term relationships are more important than the short term fix. Customer relation and customer satisfaction are key words within the mission statement of Promicol. We at Promicol believe that only a close relation with our customers can result in a perfect customer solution. To build a long-lasting relationship it is imperative to build trust, exchange expertise and increase innovation.

With many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of ATP Bioluminescence technology Promicol has a range of specialized customer focused solutions for rapid microbial testing. Therefore the Promicol reagents are specially tailored to the specific requirements of the client. The (potential) customer can send their products to Promicol for an initial investigation. During this the best setup for the given products is chosen to ensure highest sensitivity of the assay and to suit the needs of the customer. This tailored ‘customer fitting’ process is a key feature of the unique value added approach of Promicol to our customers. This assures high reliability in determining low levels of microbial contamination in finished products where the ‘one size fits all’ solution will not suffice and the development of ‘tailored’ assays is imperative.

Additionally Promicol provides solutions for customers with low, medium or high sample throughput. The different systems are optimized to challenge the number of tests needed. Therefore we offer the Promilite M1® which is specially developed for companies testing up to 50 samples per day. Customers who need to test more than 50 samples per day should use the Promilite M4® to decrease there ‘total time of testing’. Furthermore Promicol provides the possibility of automatization. The tailored robotic systems are based on the Promilite M4® and enable testing of up to 400 samples per hour. In the same time traceability as well as secured analysis of the measurement results is ensured.

If you are interested in sending some samples for initial tests to Promicol, please contact us. It is our goal to provide a service that is in touch with the needs of your quality management and to your demands from rapidly changing markets, making ATP work for you, together with you

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Date Published: 17th August 2016

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