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4th March 2024  Content supplied by: BioMire

Adopt HARPC Principles for Industry with nomad Smart Microbiology

As safety standards evolve, the transition from HACCP to HARCP should be intuitive and accessible for all manufacturers. BioMire developed nomad Smart Microbial Solutions for just this reason, to give industry a jumpstart in preventing contaminations before they occur. Our turnkey system assists in seamlessly integrating HARPC principles into industry practices with:

  • IoT Connected Portable Test Devices: paperless onsite monitoring for microbial contamination risks.
  • Smart Mobile App: Convenient access to data recording, management, analysis, and reporting on the go.
  • SaaS Services: Cloud-based solutions for efficient data management and multi-site collaboration.
  • Expert Support: Guidance for test campaigns, troubleshooting, and monitoring plan development and design.

Simple Implementation

nomad Smart Microbial Solutions are designed for easy implementation even when operations are running, allowing critical processes to function even as HARCP principles come into place.

  1. Assess microbial contamination risks on-site with IoT test devices.
  2. Utilize the smart mobile app for AI-driven data analysis and automated documentation.
  3. Collaborate from anywhere and manage processes using SaaS services.
  4. Seek expert support with comprehensive test campaigns and specific troubleshooting.

Clear Benefits

Results and other data are only as valuable as how they can be put to use. With nomad, integrating HARCP principles brings the value of compliance and beyond.

  • Efficiency: Streamline practices from risk assessment to monitoring.
  • Economy: Save time, resources, and company reputation through prevention.
  • Accuracy: Exploit real-time data for timely and targeted decision-making.
  • Support: Access expert guidance for effective implementation and analysis.

Sample Applications

  • Food Industry: Ensure safety standards with continuous monitoring, making certain that food products are safe long before they reach the consumer.
  • Cosmetic, beverage, water industries: ensure CIP and hygiene procedures are efficient while minimizing downtime and use of chemicals
  • Manufacturing: Minimize contamination risks throughout the process, for product quality assurance even when safety is not at stake.

Looking to a Future without Contaminations
Setting the standards now for HARCP compliance means embracing a proactive approach to preventing microbial hazards and opening the way for a safer and more productive future. nomad Smart Microbial Solutions provides a turnkey system for taking action today and for continuous improvement tomorrow. We’re transforming industry practices with IoT, mobile tech, SaaS, and expert support.

Visit Biomire to learn more, or use the Request Information button to directly contact the company.

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Date Published: 4th March 2024

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