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Infectious Disease Research: Reproducible Results Require Proper Pipetting - Podcast

11 May 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Learn to Use Pipette Correctly at Sartorius Pipette Academy
In this podcast episode, our guests from Sartorius give advice on correct pipetting techniques that will avoid cell damage and reproducibility errors. more...

BIOBALL®: Where Accuracy, Precision, Efficiency, and Consistency Matters the Most

10 May 2022 | WaterOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

bioMerieux BioBall
BIOBALL®: 20 years of delivering confidence for your microbiological quality control. This small freeze dried water-soluble certified reference material provides time and labour-intensive cost savings, improving overall lab efficiency and productivity. more...

Got a Lot on Your Plate? Simplify Your Environmental Monitoring.

21 Mar 2022 | PharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Test ready custom controls for environmental monitoring
Using your environmental isolate or targeted objectionable organism, we manufacture test-ready microbial controls quantitated for specific methods providing a complete solution to help you meet FDA, Pharmacopeia, and other regulations and guidelines. more...

Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution pH 7.0

03 Mar 2022 | Cosmetic/Personal Care

Buffered NaCl Peptone Solution
Diluent for detection and enumeration of microorganisms according to USP/EP/JP and ISO 21149 more...

DiluFlow Elite 1 kg Cosmetics

27 Jan 2022 | PharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Diluflow Elite
The DiluFlow Elite 1 kg, part of the INTERSCIENCE DiluFlow gravimetric dilutors range, allows the gravimetric dilution of small volume samples. more...

Pharmig's 29th Annual Conference - A rapidmicrobiology Report

10 Dec 2021 | ClinicalPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Pharmaceutical Microbiology interest Group conference report
Highlights from this year's Pharmig Annual Conference. Now in its 29th year, the conference facilitates the discussion on hot topics in the pharma, healthcare, and personal care and cosmetic industries.  more...

BIOBALL® Delivers Accuracy and Precision, Batch After Batch

25 Nov 2021 | WaterOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

bioMerieux BIOBALL
Take Control of your Microbiological Quality Control with the BIOBALL® Standardized Strains. This Certified Reference Material contains a precise number of microorganisms in a water soluble ball delivering unprecedented accuracy and precision for Quantitative Microbiological Quality Control more...

QC Microorganisms Simplifying Microbiology Control and Eliminating Prep Work

15 Nov 2021 | Food & BeverageClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

Instant Inoculator QC microorganisms
Instant Inoculator™ transfers isolated colonies to solid media, requiring no prep, no rehydration, and no liquid handling, positing itself as the easiest and simplest way to work with reference microorganisms. more...
Promitec 10
The Promitec 10 is a compact and semi-automated instrument for performing single tests in the field of personal care products and cosmetics testing using specifically designed software for automated data analysis. more...

CDC Identify Burkholderia pseudomallei Pathogen in Recalled Aromatherapy Spray

09 Nov 2021 | PharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Burkholderia pseudomallei
Laboratory testing at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the bacteria Burkholderia pseudomallei in an aromatherapy spray — the same type of bacteria that sickened four people in the United States earlier this year. more...

The Marketing Solution for Global Microbiology Brands

09 Nov 2021 | Food & BeverageClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

rapidmicrobiology media kit 2022
Get your marketing campaign in place now ready for 2022, download the rapidmicrobiology media kit here for details - or connect directly to the team here who will help you get started. more...

CertaBlue™ Professional Rapid Microbiology For Every Laboratory

08 Sep 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterCosmetic/Personal Care

MCS CertaBlue
CertaBlue is based on rapid detection of several metabolic processes that take place within the growing organism. The system can detect color changes through highly sensitive optical sensors. more...

Data Integrity in the Microbiology Lab

03 Sep 2021 | PharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

data integrity in microbiology lab
Download this poster presentation to learn how the innovative use of custom LIMS software in the Pharmaceutical QC Lab reduces the risk of not complying with regulatory standards, BioTracker LIMS also includes several speciality modules to support DNA sequencing and MALDI-ToF identification. more...

ScanStation® 2021 New Features

03 Aug 2021 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Interscience ScanStation
Interscience offers improved counting accuracy with ScanStation. Real-time microbiological analysis allows for better production management, key for many industries. more...

Win a VIAFLO Electronic Pipette and More From INTEGRA

07 Jul 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Win an INTEGRA VIAFLO electronic pipette
Find out how you can win one of 20 INTEGRA Biosciences multichannel pipettes and increase your lab productivity. more...

ScanStation®, a Special Milestone: 50 Units Installed in Laboratories Worldwide!

07 May 2021 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Automated colony counting with faster results
ScanStation® provides automatic colony counting with unequalled accuracy as colonies are detected before clustering or covering can occur. Now 50 major companies have been convinced that real-time bacterial monitoring is the next step for efficient microbiological analyses. more...

INTEGRA Introduces its Portable 96 Channel Pipette at the Most Affordable Price

26 Apr 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Best price pipetter for 96 wells
Improve productivity for virtually any microplate-based liquid handling task with the MINI 96 portable electronic pipette, which is ultra-compact, and the most affordable electronic 96 channel pipette on the market - available in four-volume ranges. more...

Soleris® Next Generation - Rapid, Automated Microbial Testing System

23 Apr 2021 | Food & BeverageCosmetic/Personal Care

Soleris NG - automated microbial testing
Find out more about our new, rapid, automated microbial testing platform for product safety and quality, offering fast and reliable detection of a wide range of microorganisms including TVC, Yeasts and Moulds, Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, Coliforms, and many others.  more...

RollBag® - A New Wire Free Range of Sterile Sampling Bags

16 Mar 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Wire Free Range of Sterile Sampling Bags
RollBag® is made from robust PolySilk® with a sticker closure specially designed for sampling any liquid or solid sample, for the food, medical, animal health or environmental industries. Wire-free makes for easier disposal. more...

Autoclave Deodorant for a Great Lab Atmosphere

05 Mar 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

Autoclave deodorant
INTERSCIENCE has launched its new Anabac® Natural autoclave deodorants with 100 % natural origin fragrances. These new fragrances, with ECOCERT certified perfume (according to the Cosmos-Standard) are compatible with all autoclaves and provide a nice perfume in the lab. more...

Standardise Pour Plate Preparation by Automating Media Dispensing and Plate Stirring

01 Mar 2021 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Automate and standardise preparation of pour plates
Video from Alliance Bio Expertise shows how using an automatic system - the DISTRIWEL combined with the MEDIAWEL, allows laboratories doing pour plates to standardise: the temperature of the dispensed media, the volume in each Petri dish and the '8' shape stirring! more...

Integra's Electronic Pipettes Make Your Lab Life Easier

18 Jan 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Voyager adjustable spacing electronic pipette screen
It takes just minutes to find out about the intelligent features of the lightweight VIAFLO electronic pipette and VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette by viewing INTEGRA's short video tutorials. more...

Red One™ Platform for Instantaneous Detection of Microorganisms in Waters and Pharmaceuticals

15 Dec 2020 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Rapid method for Bioburden in waters and pharmaceuticals
The newly launched Red One™ is an innovative, fully automated solution for waters and pharmaceuticals, able to detect the presence of low numbers of micro-organisms in raw materials or finished products in 10 minutes. more...

SGL Introduces a Pre-Poured Burkholderia cepacia Agar 90mm Plate Compliant with USP <60>

08 Dec 2020 | ClinicalPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

Burkholderia cepacia selective agar
Burkholderia cepacia (BCC) is one of the contaminants most frequently encountered in sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical products.  SGL’s BCC selective media meets the requirements of USP chapter <60> and offers improved isolation of BCC. more...

Rapid Microbial Results for Food and Personal Care Industries

07 Dec 2020 | Food & BeverageCosmetic/Personal Care

Certablue offers real time microbiological detection
Ideal for rapid microbiology testing of foods, personal care and home care products Certablue™ provides real-time detection of Coliforms, Enterobacteriaceae, Lactobacilli, Staphylococci, Total Viable Counts and Yeasts and Moulds. more...

ACT Gives Priorclave Green Credentials

24 Nov 2020 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Accountability, consistency and transparency; the ACT program has given one of it's first eco-labels to Priorclave's cylindrcal chambers research-grade autoclaves for its efficiency in water use and energy.  more...

New Rapid Response Environmental Surveillance Service is Launched in US

21 Oct 2020 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal Care

environmental monitoring mobile lab service
Food manufacturers can now call on a rapid response on-site mobile lab to help pinpoint harborage sites and contamination issues within the facility. The lab can be on-site within hours, with the capability to process of more than 100 swabs an hour with results in 4 hours.   more...

How to Reduce Plastic Waste in a Microbiology Laboratory

16 Oct 2020 | Food & BeverageClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

making microbiology green
How replace and reuse practices in one lab resulted in 1670 tubes and 1300 loops being saved during a four-week period, a 43-kilogram reduction in waste. With £400 cost savings in plastic tubes, inoculation loops and cuvettes. more...
rapid screening for pluralibacter gergoviae with riboflow P En lateral flow test
SY-Lab has developed a new RiboFLow® test for the detection of Pluralibacter gergovie in cosmetics and personal care products. The RiboFlow® -P/EN enables the combined detection of this newly specified microbe, P. aeruginosa and E. coli.  more...

Thaw Samples 60% Faster with SPL Guard Florida

25 Sep 2020 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

fast rack thawing as stand alone or for robotic liquid handler workstation
SPL Guard claims to have developed the "fastest rack thawing solution on the market". The SPL Guard Florida is said to be 60% faster than other instruments on the market and can thaw up to 10 racks in as little as 9 minutes with consistent rate and temperature guaranteeing sample integrity.  more...