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Microbiology News: Veterinary

AnalytiChem Expands with bioTRADING Benelux B.V. Acquisition.

10 Jan 2023 | Food & BeveragePharmaceuticalVeterinary

AnalytiChem Holding GmbH have announced the acquisition of bioTRADING Benelux B.V., a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality culture media in all forms of packaging. more...

A Galaxy of Colonies With a Clear View

15 Nov 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalLaboratory EquipmentOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

Scan 50 pro Manual colony counter with HandPad
Scan 50 pro is a manual colony counter with HandPad and multiple ergonomic supports for improved posture, vision and hearing. It offers contrasted lighting of the colonies while protecting the eyes. The export of the counting result, by USB to a computer, ensures the traceability of the data. more...
Feline veterinary expert to speak on diagnostics and treatment of potentially fatal disease to cats in free-to-attend online meeting more...

The Marketing Solution for Global Microbiology Brands for Over 20 Years

07 Nov 2022 | Food & BeverageLaboratory EquipmentOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinary

microbiology marketing platform
The rapidmicrobiology.com media kit 2023 is now ready to download; discover how your marketing campaigns can benefit from our audience, see our special focus schedule for the coming year - be part of it! more...

High Quality Pre-Poured Culture Media Solutions for All Microbiology Applications

20 Oct 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

SGL Prepoured Culture Media
Offering standard pre-poured media as well as bespoke pre-poured media solutions across a broad range of industries, SGL continues to grow its business by offering flexible service and cost effective, high quality products to its customers. more...

iPeak®, Open-System Lateral Flow Reader to Detect Low Positives

19 Oct 2022 | Food & BeverageClinicalVeterinary

The product will be on show at Medica - the lateral flow reader for fluorescence-labelled assays has a built-in internal sensor to monitor temperature during the scan, combined with IUL's colorimetric reader range  making detection of even low positive results possible. more...

MBS-HACCP&WATER Easy Test - A Lab in a Vial

11 Oct 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterLaboratory EquipmentOtherVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Total Count test for HACCP and Water
MBS ( micro biological survey) method is a validated tool for enumeration of bacterial parameters like TVC, coliform, e coli, listeria ,salmonella, S. aureus sensitivity 1 cfu/ ml. more...
Giles Scientific BIOMIC V3 MIC plate reading
BIOMIC V3 automates the reading and CLSI/EUCAST interpretation of broth microdilution MIC plates for human and veterinary labs. This improves the accuracy, speed, and standardization of reading. more...
Domestic Rabbit
HORIBA’s POCKIT Central veterinary PCR analyser E. cuniculi assay enables rapid testing of domestic rabbits for difficult to diagnose microsporidian parasite. more...

Standardized and Scalable: SphereFlash®, Automatic Colony Counter

25 Aug 2022 | Food & BeverageClinicalLaboratory EquipmentOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

SphereFlash Automatic Colony Counter
With SphereFlash®, automatic colony counter for laboratories, you gain time while ensuring standardized results. SphereFlash® is a high performance, scalable device, with a small footprint, that detects colonies from 0.046mm. more...

More Accurate Coliform Detection With R-CARD® ECC-A - Eliminates Aeromonas False Positives

01 Aug 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalVeterinary

R Card ECC-A
Eliminate Aeromonas false positive coliform colonies by using the Roth Biosciences' R-CARD® ECC-A media; any Aeromonas colonies present are visible as faint yellow colonies that can easily be seen and counted. more...
Air-Dryable PCR Reagent
PCR Biosystems has launched an all-in-one, air-dryable 4X RT-qPCR reagent mix for detection of RNA and DNA sequences. The kit allows smaller organizations access the advantages of dried assays — shorter time-to-market, simplified logistics and storage, and significantly reduced costs. more...
Monkeypox Virus PCR Detection
Bioperfectus' Monkeypox Virus Real Time PCR Kit, for use in the early confirmation stage of Monkeypox virus infection. Specific primers and probes are designed based on F3L gene areas of the Monkeypox virus. CE Marked. more...

Ensure Your Pipetting Is Accurate, Precise and Reproducible - Join the Sartorius Pipetting Academy

17 Jun 2022 | Food & BeverageClinicalOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinaryMicrobiome

Free Training on Liquid Handling with Sartorius Pipetting Academy
Reproducible results require correct pipetting techniques, the Sartorius Pipetting Academy offers nine free online training modules ranging from the basics of liquid handling to specialized modules such as proper pipetting for cell culture lab work - discover how to minimise your pipetting errors. more...

Not Sure if The Colony in Your Test is E.coli or Not? 

16 Jun 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalVeterinary

E coli and Coliform colonies on R Card
Do you have a questionable colony? R-Card® E. coli/Coliform verification kit is a quick and easy method to determine if you are dealing with E. coli or Coliforms. more...

Ensure the pH of Your Culture Media for Accurate and Reliable Results

24 May 2022 | Food & BeverageClinicalLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

pH check microbiology culture media
These features offered by Thermo Scientific Orion Star pH Meters and ROSS Electrodes combine to provide you with the optimum solution for fast, accurate, reliable measurements to ensure your culture media is at the correct pH to support optimum performance. more...

Infectious Disease Research: Reproducible Results Require Proper Pipetting - Podcast

11 May 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

Learn to Use Pipette Correctly at Sartorius Pipette Academy
In this podcast episode, our guests from Sartorius give advice on correct pipetting techniques that will avoid cell damage and reproducibility errors. more...
Two chickens are held by gloved hands as a swab is taken from one of them
Thermo Fisher Scientific can help in the avian influenza emergency, with products such as Brain Heart Infusion Broth and sampling swabs for the collection and transport of samples, according to the official testing protocols for screening birds. more...

Why R-Card Coliform Testing is Making a Splash at Zoo Atlanta

06 Apr 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterVeterinary

R Card coliform testing method and photo of seals at the zoo
With everything you need to produce rapid and accurate test results in a single test card it is easy to see why Veterinary Technicians at Zoo Atlanta love the patented R-CARD®  Coliform testing method. more...
Roth Bioscience RCard
With the Roth Bioscience R-CARD®, there is no pre-preparation of media.  The R-CARD is 12 mils thick (flat), by 3.5 X 4.0 inches, so is space (shipping/storage) saving and disposal is a tiny fraction of the bulk of environmentally clogging Petri dishes. more...

Cherwell Rounds up 50th Year Focused on Customers, Quality Products and Growth

02 Feb 2022 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinary

Agar Art
Cherwell Laboratories, manufacturer of Redipor® prepared culture media, announces a successful conclusion to its Golden Anniversary Year of celebration which marked yet another year of growth for the long-standing company. more...

Protect Your Data Integrity with BIOBALL®

02 Dec 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterOtherPharmaceuticalVeterinary

bioMerieux BIOBALL
BIOBALL® is a small freeze-dried water-soluble certified reference material that can be used straight from the freezer, in 4 steps. Do you need to see what it looks like? Discover our BIOBALL range video tutorials to know more. more...

QC Microorganisms Simplifying Microbiology Control and Eliminating Prep Work

15 Nov 2021 | Food & BeverageClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal Care

Instant Inoculator QC microorganisms
Instant Inoculator™ transfers isolated colonies to solid media, requiring no prep, no rehydration, and no liquid handling, positing itself as the easiest and simplest way to work with reference microorganisms. more...

The Marketing Solution for Global Microbiology Brands

09 Nov 2021 | Food & BeverageClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinaryCosmetic/Personal CareMicrobiome

rapidmicrobiology media kit 2022
Get your marketing campaign in place now ready for 2022, download the rapidmicrobiology media kit here for details - or connect directly to the team here who will help you get started. more...

ANT Medikal Appointed as Redipor® Prepared Media Distributor in Turkey

28 Oct 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinary

Cherwell Redipor
Cherwell Laboratories, manufacturer of Redipor® prepared culture media, announces that it has added ANT Medikal, in Turkey, to its international distribution network for the Redipor range, as part of the company’s continued strategic focus on building its overseas markets. more...

New Autoclave Range from Priorclave at Lab Innovations

23 Aug 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinary

Priorclave autoclaves
Later this year, on stand B72 at the Lab Innovations trade show in Birmingham, UK, British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave plans to reveal details of entirely new research and laboratory grade autoclave ranges. more...
POCKIT Central in-house veterinary PCR analyzer
HORIBA UK Limited will be showcasing its new benchtop POCKIT™ Central* in-house veterinary PCR analyzer on Stand C3 at the BEVA Congress, Birmingham, 4-7 September. more...
Horiba POCKIT Central
Over 30 brand new PCR tests have been launched by HORIBA for its POCKIT Central veterinary PCR analyzer, which includes: Lyme disease, Dirofilaria immitis, Neospora caninum, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mec A gene for MRSA, IBR, and C. difficile.  more...

Cherwell Reaches Custom Cleanroom Product Development Milestone

30 Jun 2021 | Food & BeverageWaterClinicalPharmaceuticalVeterinary

Steve Brimble Cherwell
In recognition of the importance of bespoke product development to Cherwell’s offering, the Company has promoted Steven Brimble to the newly created role of Director of Quality and Technology, with a core focus on product innovation and continual improvement.

Cutaneous skin lesions associated with leishmaniosis
HORIBA UK Limited announces that it is to host an online CPD meeting focusing on ‘Exotic Parasites – The Importance of Testing in The Imported Dog’. more...