Upcoming Microbiology Events : cosmetic-personal-care

Regulatory Aspects of Microbiology in a Non-Sterile Environment

: 29 Apr 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Cosmetic/Personal Care, Pharmaceutical Type: Training

Summary : This two hour live webinar promises an engaging and informative training session around the regulatory aspects of microbiology in a non sterile environment; a review of the FDA expectations and USP non-sterile chapters. more...

3rd World Congress on Applied Microbiology

: 15 May 2019 - 16 May 2019

: Brussels, Belgium

Sector: Cosmetic/Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Laboratory Equipment, Other, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Water Type: Conference

Summary : The 3rd World Congress on Applied Microbiology is based on the theme of “Emerging Trends and Innovations in Microbial Research”,  more...

6th Annual Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe

Microbiome and Probiotics Series Europe

: 20 May 2019 - 22 May 2019

: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Sector: Clinical, Cosmetic/Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Type: Conference

Summary : With three congresses and one pass the microbiome and probiotic series, including a dedicated skin congress, promises a varied and interesting programme. more...

USP <71> Sterility Tests; Method, Limitations, Sampling Quantities and Volumes

: 30 May 2019

: Webinar

Sector: Clinical, Cosmetic/Personal Care, Other, Pharmaceutical, Water Type: Training

Summary : Obtain an enhanced understanding of USP <71> Sterility Tests, its inherent method, limitations, sampling quantities and volumes to assure that the test is being applied as appropriate per United States Pharmacopeia and how to interpret the final result. more...

cGMP for Personal Care, Cosmetic and OTC Products

: 12 Jun 2019 - 13 Jun 2019

: New Brunswick, United States

Sector: Cosmetic/Personal Care Type: Training

Summary : This two day training course provides an in depth overview of current good manufacturing practices for personal care, cosmetic and OTC products. more...

2019 Cosmetic Science Symposium & Expo

: 29 Oct 2019 - 30 Oct 2019

: Philadelphia, United States

Sector: Cosmetic/Personal Care Type: Conference

Summary : The 2019 Cosmetic Science Symposium & Expo offers personal care products industry staff one-stop shopping for information about Microbiology, Quality Assurance, Safety, and the Environment. more...